future predictions 3

Will: Future Predictions, 3


Answer the following questions regarding the future. Say why and give examples.


23. Describe the kind of classrooms and schools your grandchildren may be attending. Will children attend school?

24. What will schools be teaching in 39 years?

25. How will technology be used in education?

26. Will teachers become redundant by 2037?


27. What kind of work environment will people be working in?

28. What role will robots and computers play in the workforce?

29. Will there be more, less or the same amount of work and jobs?

Business, the Economy

30. Will capitalism, socialism, communism, a mixed economy or some other system triumph by 2030?

31. Will there be more, less or the same amount of inequality? Will the wealth gap increase, decrease or remain the same?

32. What can you say about company hierarchy, bosses, managers, directors, CEOs and employees?

33. What do you think about job security and career changes?

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