future perfect

Future Perfect


The future perfect expresses an action that will be completed before a definite time in the future. It is not often used.

Subject + will have + (verb-3) by a definite time.

● I will have eaten lunch and returned to my desk by 1:30 (pm). You can contact me then.
● We will have graduated from university by 2015.
● By midnight, Mr. and Mrs. Kuo will have landed in Singapore.

Answer or respond to the following. Say why and give examples.


1. I will have _________________ by the time I go to bed tonight.

2. My best friend will have _______________ by the end of the week.

3. My cousin will have _________________ by the end of the month.

4. My classmates or coworkers will have _____________ by the end of the year.

5. I will have _______________ by the time I am 18.

6. Most of my friends will have attended university by their mid-twenties. What do you think?

7. By the time I am 24, I will have ___________ .

8. Will your former classmates have will have secured full-time, permanent, well-paid jobs and got married by the time they are 30?

9. What will most of your classmates or friends have done by the time they are 45?

Work, Career

7. What will you have accomplished by the time you are 55?

8. By the time I retire, I will have been an upper level manager, or have established my own business, saved $1 million, have grandchildren and travelled through most of the world. Do you think so?

9. By 2017, most newly created jobs will be in health care and retirement homes.

10. By 2027, more people will have switched to working at home with computers and internet.

11. Many people will have become freelance, independent workers by 2025.

12. Middle income, mid-level jobs will have disappeared by 2020. There will only be professional, highly skilled, technical, highly paid; and low-skilled, low-paid jobs.

13. Manufacturing industries and IT work will have “returned” to North America and Europe by 2021.


15. Violent films, games, videos will have been banned by 2014.

16. Abortion, euthanasia, marijuana, prostitution, same-sex marriages will have all been legalized in all Western countries by 2029.

17. Everyone will have become addicted to TV, computers, the internet, smart phones by 2020.

18. Most people will have changed their residency at least once by 2030: South Africans to New Zealand; New Zealanders to Australia; Australians and Poles to Britain; Britons to Australia, France, Spain. Spaniards to Argentina. Chinese to Canada; Canadians to the US. Americans to France, China, Costa Rica. Mexicans to the US….

19. Everyone will have mastered at least bad English by 2050.

20. By 2030, all countries will have developed an industrial economy with a “middle-class” living standard.


21. By 2040, Siberia will have been settled and populated by refugees from elsewhere.

22. Virtual computers will have replaced smart phones, tablets, computers, cameras, telephones, faxes by 2024.

23. A One-World Government will have been established by 2030. Everyone will have signed up — except Cuba, North Korea, Switzerland, and the United States.

24. By 2037, scientists will have discovered a way to extend human life and prolong youth.

25. Everyone will have adopted the same foods, clothes, music, consumer goods, hobbies, activities, home furnishings, ideals, values, and behaviors by 2025.


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