Freestyle Skiing




fierce ancestry win/won/won
gold princess move over
decide game (2) homeland
free (3) compete work ethic
expect definitely come from a long line of
athlete in general think/thought/thought (2)
rack up admit (2) speak/spoke/spoken
rack (2) model (3) dream (2)
kind of horseback ride/rode/ridden
brand common partner (2)
poster big time poster child
star (2) alongside official (2)
promo stem (2) throughout
bond embrace teach/taught/taught
honor heritage favorite (2)
support mindset meet/met/met
ethic model (3) give/gave/given
aspect motivate drive/drove/driven
inspire get there generation
unite sensation promote (2)
create forge (2) roughly (2)







She’s fierce, fearless, and a favorite to win gold here at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Move over, Elsa. There’s a new snow princess in town.

Eileen Gu, Freestyle Skier: “My name is Eileen Gu. I’m from San Francisco. And I’m a free skier.”

The 18 year old sensation was born in the US. But her mom was born in China. And Eileen decided to compete for China at these games.

Eileen Gu, Freestyle Skier: “My family has always been super supportive of me. I come from a long line of engineers. So it definitely wasn’t expected. And I don’t think anybody really thought that I would become a professional skier or professional athlete in general.”

But she’s so much more than an athlete. The Chinese-speaking, horseback riding, piano playing prodigy graduated high school in just three years. And she’s already been admitted to her dream school, Stanford.

She’s modeled for Louis Vuitton, Estee Lauder, racking up roughly twenty brand partners and big time dollars. She’s the poster child for snow sports in China, starring alongside Chinese actor Jackson Yee in an official Beijing Games promo video being played throughout China.

She says her decision to compete for China instead of the USA stems from a strong mother daughter bond. Yang Gu taught Eileen to embrace her heritage, honor her ancestry.

Eileen Gu, Freestyle Skier: “My mom has always been super, super supportive. My grandma is the most motivated to win person. She has the most competitive mindset that I’ve ever met ever. So I think my grandma gave me that competitive drive and kind of supported me in that way.

And my mom kind of taught me the work ethic aspect. So anybody can want to win. But I think it was my mom that taught me how to get there.”

And now Eileen wants to inspire the next generation from her mom’s homeland get there too. She says she’s competing to unite people, promote common understanding, create communication, and forge friendships between nations.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Freestyle Skiing. Eileen Gu is a figure-skating champion. True or false? Is freestyle skiing easy? Does it require tremendous strength, power and speed; or agility, balance, coordination and control?

Alpine Skiing, Downhill Skiing. Was Eileen Gu born in Singapore?

Cross-Country Skiing. Her family has been skiers for generations. Her family has a long tradition of skiing. Is this right or wrong?

Ski Jumping. Does Eileen play the violin? Is she an F (failing), or an A+ (excellent) student?

Ice Skating, Figure Skating. Eileen only skis. Eileen is famous only as a skier. Is this right or wrong?

Speed Skating. Did her mother insist that she concentrate and focus on becoming a doctor, lawyer or banker?

Ice Hockey. Eileen Gu says her goal is to become rich and famous. Eileen says what motivates and drives her is becoming rich and famous. Is this correct or incorrect?
Sled, Toboggan. I enjoy winter activities, such as skiing, ice-skating, ice-hockey. Yes or no? Are winter sports and activities popular in your town, city, region and nation?

Sleigh. Who are some super-star athletes from your country? Do you have any favorite athletes? Who is your favorite athlete?

Bobsled, Luge. Do you wish to excel in certain sports? Whats sports or activities do you wish you could do or perform (well)?

Show-shoe Walking. Is society too obsessed with sports and athletics, or do people lack interested in sports, or both?

Dog Sledding. What might happen in the future?

Polar Bear Swimming, Plunging. What could or should people, parents, schools, governments and businesses do?

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