fountain of youth

The Fountain of Youth



reason folks again
wine whiskey simple
something simple volcano
hill famous since
republic dissolve kidney
stones wipe wipe away
wrinkled wrinkles relieve
arthritis gout put a spring in your step
missionary sincere at the beginning
skeptical decide really
miracle expel to manage (2)
active need even though
describe liquid fountain
youth in fact Fountain of Youth
until pharmacy only
although supermarket throughout
recommend still (2) medical
director national health
service prescribe real
clean effect keep (2)
young every way help
bubble history during
reign pope hundred
at the time ambassador Vatican
king queen not only
cure praise ceiling
fable close (2)





People are Dancing

There’s a reason the old folks are dancing — they’ve been drinking again. Not wine or whiskey, but something much more simple: water.

The water from the volcanic hills south of Rome, has been famous since the days of the Roman Republic.

Gets Rid of Kidney Stones, Wrinkles

The water is said to dissolve kidney stones, wipe away wrinkles, relieve arthritis and gout…and generally put a spring back in your step.

Missionary Father Giulio Albanese was sent here by his doctor.

“I have to be sincere. At the beginning I was very skeptical. Then I decided to come. And I can tell you it was really a miracle. I managed to expel 41 kidney stones.”

Makes People Active

Lucia drinks it for her kidney stones and tells me her husband drinks it too, even though he doesn’t need it.

“It does make him more…umph…”active”. Some here describe Fiuggi water as liquid viagra.”

Speaking to people here, you would think that the water here comes from the Fountain or Youth. In fact until a few years ago, you could only buy Fiuggi at a pharmacy.

Doctors Recommend It

And although today, you can buy Fiuggi in supermarkets around the world, doctors here still recommend it.

“In Italy,” says Medical Director, Professor Renato Del Monaco, “doctors in the National Health Service prescribe Fiuggi water as real medicine. It cleans the kidneys and has the effect of keeping us young in every way. Even for us men, it helps keep us young.”

Pope Boniface the Eighth

Fiuggi bubbled in history during the reign of Pope Bonifice the Eighth, more than seven hundred years ago.

Anna Battisti has worked here for thirty years. She said at the time, the Spanish embassador to the Vatican, wrote to his king that the water of Fiuggi not only cured Pope Bonafice of his severe kidney stones, it also made him younger.

Michaelangelo also sang Fiuggi’s praises to the ceiling. This may not be the fabled fountain of youth.

But it’s close.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Why are the people dancing?

2. Are these waters new or are they very ancient?

3. If (old) people drink the water from Fiuggi,

4. Father Giulio Albanese was always a believer in the properties of Fiuggi Water. True or false? What happened to him?

5. Does Lucia’s husband have any health problems?

6. Is Lucia a little embarassed?

7. Can anyone drink Fiuggi Water?

8. Doctors recommend the Fiuggi Water. Yes or no? If yes, why do they recommend it?

9. When did Fiuggi Water become renowned (famous)?

10. Is Fiuggi Water celebrated in art?
A. Have you heard of Fiuggi Water?

B. I would like to drink Fiuggi Water. Is this correct or wrong?

C. Is the Fiuggi Water very popular? Who drinks it?

D. The town of Fiuggi is very rich. What do you think?

E. I have heard of the Fountain of Youth. Yes or no? What is the legend of the Fountain of Youth?

F. Are there people that live very long? Are there places where people live very long? Where do people live very long? What’s their secret?

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