former half famous

Basic, Fake, Half, Whole

Confused, Logical, Famous



basic fake exact
whole half direct
automatic many helpful
confused technical logical
speedy weird famous
careful political typical
former permanent recent


Basic, fake, exact, whole, half, direct

1. I went to basic training. True or false? Did you grandfather go through basic training? Would you like to go through basic training?

2. I can’t tell the difference between genuine and fake products.

3. Should you come exactly on time for an appointment — or ten to fifteen minutes early?

4. Which is more popular, whole wheat (brown) bread, or white bread? Which is more expensive?

5. John D. Rockefeller was once the world’s richest person. One of his advice for success was to safe half of what you earned. Is this good advice? Why is this good advice?

6. Which is better to make impress a date, the direct way (bragging and boasting), or the indirect way (be interested in the other person)?

Automatic, many, helpful, confused, technical

7. Do you prefer driving an automatic or stick-shift car? Automatic rifles should be banned. Do you agree?

8. There are too many cars on the road. There is too much traffic. What do you think? If yes, why are there too many cars?

9. Who is the most helpful person at your company or school? What does he or she do?

10. What is the most confusing subject? Is there confusion at your workplace sometimes?

11. Too many students are studying business and liberal arts and humanities; not enough students are studying technical subjects. Yes or no?

Logical, speedy, weird, famous, careful

12. Studying hard and working hard is the logical way to succeed in life. Yes or no?

13. If you work fast and have speedy delivery, repairs and services, your business will be on top. What do you think?

14. What are some weird clothes, fashions, hairstyles, or hobbies that you have seen or heard?

15. I have seen a famous person. True or false?

16. People, especially politicians, journalists and business people, are often not careful when they speak. Is this correct or wrong? What are some gaffs or slips of the tongue?

Political, typical, former, permanent, recent

16. Which is the “best” political party? Do you belong to a political party? Are athletes, singers, and actors politically active?

17. Describe a typical task at work. What is a typical Saturday like?

18. I stay in contact with my former classmates or coworkers. Is this correct or wrong?

19. Are you and your colleagues full-time, permanent employees or part-time, temporary employees? Which is better, permanent or temporary work?

20. Have you traveled abroad recently? Have you gone to the movie theater recently?

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