Food App in Iran, I



set up menu (2) pioneer (2)
deliver browser traditional
decision pass (2) major (2)
app recipe (2) dedicated app
rarity follower Instagram
republic currently entrepreneur
test (2) dedicate all the way
allow approval relative (2)
boss back (3) motorbike



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She is a true pioneer, one of the few women in Iran who have set up their own company. And it wasn’t easy. MamanPaz is an online service that delivers traditional home-cooked food in Teheran.

Tabassom Latifi, Passion, Good Food: “We test every food before it is placed in the menu.

But some of the foods are not good enough, and do not pass the quality test of MamanPaz.”

Currently some fifty women cook for MamanPaz in their own kitchens.

Customers can order by a browser or a dedicated app. It’s a recipe for success. MamanPaz already has almost sixty thousand followers on Instagram.

Women entrepreneurs are still a rarity in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

When Tabassom Latifi set up her own company four years ago, she had a very hard time. In Iran, a woman may only make major business decisions with the approval of a male relative, usually her father, brother or husband.

Tabassom Latifi’s husband, Mehdi, backed her all the way.

She’s the boss; but only men do the deliveries. That’s because women aren’t allowed to ride motorbikes in Iran.

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11. Men and women have completely equal opportunities in Iran. In Iran, men and women are completely equal. Is this entirely true, mostly true, in the middle, yes and no, mostly false or completely false?

12. What is Tabassom Latifi’s start up or enterprise? How does it function?

13. Does she automatically accept and market all the dishes (food) from anyone who is interested in cooking and selling on her platform?

14. How many partners or subcontractors does she have?

15. Customers call Tabassom Lafiti by phone to place orders. Is this right or wrong?

16. Are women in Iran women completely independent in making important business decisions?

17. Is her husband opposed to or supportive of her?

18. There is a separation of tasks and duties in Tabassom Latifi’s company. Is this correct or incorrect? What do men and women do?


M. There are lots of restaurants in my city. People like dining in restaurants. Yes or no?

N. People love traditional, home-cooked meals. True or false?

O. Are home delivery services very popular? What sorts of foods are delivered?

P. Are there home-cooked meal apps in your city or country? Are they popular? Is there a big potential for this?

Q. What might happen in the future?

R. My friends and I have ideas for an app or startup.

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