Food App in Iran, II




support order (3) overcome
founder pass (2) quality control
regular reserved cover (2)
dip (2) revenue eggplant
earn apply (2) pass away
suit (2) obstacle make a living
run (2) delivery on the way
consent whether trailblazer (2)
test (2) concept permission



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The concept behind the MamanPaz’s app is simple: home-cooking that can be ordered over the internet.

Now some fifty women in the Iranian capital, Teheran, are cooking for the delivery service.

Its founder, Tabassom Latifi, has plans to cover the entire city . . . so regular quality controls are essential.

Tabassom Latifi, Passion: Good Food: “We’re testing every food, when it’s going to be in the menu. But some of the foods are not good enough and do not pass the quality test of MamanPaz.”

Maman Nahid passed the test; her eggplant dip is a favorite among customers. She enjoys cooking, and the revenue is very welcome.

Maman Nahid, Option: Cooking to Earn Money: “Since my husband passed away, I’ve had to make my own living. At first I applied for office jobs.

But I soon realized that cooking suits me much better.

And then I met Ms. Latifi and heard about MamanPaz.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

It’s hard for women to find jobs in the Islamic Republic. But it’s also very unusual for a woman to run a business.

Tabassom Latifi had to overcome several different obstacles on the way. Many business decisions can only be made with the consent of a man, whether a brother, father or husband.

Tabassom Latifi has the support of her husband, Mehdi. He even works for her in MamanPaz, a totally new business idea in Iranian society.

Tabassom Latifi, Destination: future: “People are selling different products to each other, and we are in the middle of this thing. And there aren’t any permission for this kind of business.”

Tabassom Latifi is a trailblazer. There’s only one job in her company reserved for men: delivering the goods, because women aren’t allowed to ride motorbikes in Iran.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



The main function of Tabassom Latifi’s enterprise is logistics: the buying and selling, transporting, distribution and the storage of farm produce. True or false? What does her business do?

Are the cooks on the MamanPaz meal app Latifi’s employees, are they freelancers, both, or in the middle?

Doner, Gyros, Shawarma. Tabassom Latifi accepts anyone who wants to cook and sell meals for the meal app. Is this right or wrong?

For Maman Nahid, is cooking tedious, grueling and a drudgery?

Taco, Burrito, Enchilada, Tostada. Is she cooking only as a hobby? Why is she doing this?

Beans and Rice.
Women in Iran have complete equality with men. Men and women are completely equal in work, business and society in general. Is this correct or incorrect?

Crepe, Pancake.
Can women usually make major decisions independently, on their own? Does her husband support or discourage her enterprise, or is he indifferent?

Strudel, Croissant.
Do men and women generally perform different tasks and have different responsibilities?

Paella, Pilaf, Plov.
Are there many restaurants and eateries in your city? Do people like good food?

Food delivery services are quite common. They are very popular. Yes or no?

Barbecue, Shish Kebab. Women and men have equal opportunities in my country. Is this entirely true, mostly true, in the middle, yes and no, mostly false or entirely false?

Sauerkraut, Kimchee. What might happen in the future?

Fish and Chips. What sort of app services would you like to see (more of) or create?

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