flying on an airplane

The Airplane Flight



seat priority flight attendant
flight oxygen make sure
join first of all pressure (2)
even if fastened at all times
towel be sure electronic device
mask cabin (2) airplane mode
safety passenger cabin pressure
try breathe comfortable
move securely turbulence
device first class business class
sky imbecile by the way
beg land (2) I just got here






Flight Attendant: “Yo!”

Passenger: “Where is ‘7-D’? Ah, here it is.

Ah, here’s my seat.”

Flight Attendant: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Yo Airlines, where safety is our top priority.

First off, please make sure your seat belt is securely fastened at all times, even if the seat belt sign is off, because safety is our top priority.

Also, please be sure that all of your electronic devices are put on airplane mode, because you know what could happen if it wasn’t?


However, safety is our top priority.

And finally, if the cabin pressure drops, we’ll provide oxygen masks, so that you can breathe more comfortably.

Would you like to try, sir!?! Give it a try!

Passenger: “Uh, ma’am? I’m not comfortable sitting here anymore. Can I move?”

Flight Attendant: “You imbecile! Stay there.
Oh, and by the way, this flight is going to Los Angeles, California.”

Passenger: “Uh, ma’am. I’m supposed to be going to New York.”

Flight Attendant: “Um, I really hate to tell you this, sir, we’re already in the sky.

Passenger: “Wait. No, what? What? I just got here.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


A few minutes later . . .

Flight Attendant: “Excuse me sir, would you like anything?
Passenger: “Yeah, sure. I’ll have some water.”
Flight Attendant: “All right.”

Captain: “Ding. This is the captain. We’re about to hit some turbulence. So please fasten your seat belts.”

Flight Attendant: “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa!!! Whoa!!!”

Passenger: “Ugh! It’s all over me! Can I have a towel?”
Flight Attendant: “I’m so sorry, sir, but we can only give towels to those who are in business class.”
Passenger: “Oh, yeah. You only give to first class. [Whining].

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Another few minutes later . . .

Captain: “This is the captain. Flight attendants, please get the cabin ready for landing.”

Passenger: “Excuse me ma’am. Uh, can I use the restroom?”
Flight Attendant: “Oh, I’m sorry sir, but the pilot just said we’re about to land. So you’ll have to wait.”
Passenger: “Uh, well, ma’am, if I don’t go now, I’m going to pee my pants.”
Flight Attendant: “Uh, it looks like you already did, so —“
Passenger: “The pilot says we’re landing in a little bit, so can I go just right now?”
Flight Attendant: “Well this flight attendant says you can’t.”
Passenger: “Ma’am, I’m begging you. Please let me go.”
Flight Attendant: “You CAN’T!”
Passenger: “Why, ma’am? Why? Why? Why can I not go?”
Flight Attendant: “Because I have to pee first. Ugh!”

And by the way, we’ve landed.”
Passenger: “What?”

Flight Attendant: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us today on Yo Airlines. And I hope to see you again soon.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Airplane, Aircraft. The passengers can sit anywhere on the airplane. True or false?

Rocket, Spaceship. According to the flight attendant, is the most important thing for Yo Airlines (making) money?

Helicopter. What did the air hostess (flight attendant, stewardess) say about smartphones”?

Ship. Where was the airplane flying to? What was the plane’s destination? Where did the passenger want to go? Did he change airplanes?

Boat, Yacht. The flight attendant served the passenger water, and the passenger drank the water. Is this right or wrong?

Train, Subway. Did the passenger get a towel? Why did he want a towel? Why didn’t he receive a towel?

Truck. What did the passenger want to do near the end? Could he go to the bathroom? Why didn’t he go to the bathroom?


Bus. I have flown on an airplane before. Yes or no? If yes, where have you flown to?

Car. Flying on an airplane is fun! I enjoy flying on airplanes. I love flying on airplanes. Where would you like to fly to?

Motorcycle. Would you or your friends like to be a stewardess, flight attendant or pilot?

Moped, Scooter. What are the main or popular airlines that operates in your city?

Bicycle, Bike. What will happen in the future regarding airplanes and flying?


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