A Flying Car




slow convert take off (2)
wing convoy automobile
tail airport fly/flew/flown
pilot driver drive/drove/driven
land lift off safety belt
soar wheel field (2)
glide cockpit highway
air cruise altitude
sky runway freeway
fold unfold runway
gate retract security
fast grass applaud
fans cheer propeller
clap speed control tower





*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Airplane. This video was about tourists flying on a passenger airplane. True or false?

Jet Plane. Did the flying-car take off from a paved runway (of an airport) or a grass field?

Helicopter. Is the flying-car small, medium-sized, large or very big? How many people traveled in it?

Car, Automobile. The flying-car was flying by itself. The flying-car was flying on auto-pilot. Is this right or wrong?

Hot-Air Balloon. Was it a smooth, steady, constant flight; or was it a rough, uneven, bumpy flight?

Rocket, Spaceship, Spacecraft. The airplane-car landed in a football field. Is this correct or incorrect?

Space Station. What happened to the airplane car after it landed at the airport?

Hang glider. In the video, did the pilot drive the car to a research or laboratory complex, past scientists and engineers?
Parachute. I have flown in an airplane. Yes or no?

Motorcycle. Is this flying-car a great innovation? Is it practical or impractical for commercial usage?

Moped, Scooter. I would like to own, drive and fly a flying car. Yes or no?

Bike, Bicycle. What might happen in the future?

Unicycle. What should engineers, companies and governments do?

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