flag burning demonstration

Flag Burning




ensue party (2) revolution
melee slavery dozen (2)
chant genocide stand/stood/stood (3)
flag mistaken surround
proud aflame set aflame
tie (2) activist supporter
brief march extremist
anti- identify protester
arrest at least






Activists from the Revolutionary Communist Party marched onto Pennsylvania Avenue.

Revolutionary Communist Party Members: “America was never great! One-two-three-four, slavery, genocide and war. Five-six-seven-eight, America was never great. America was never great.

What’s the solution?
What’s the problem?
The system!
What’s the solution?

We’re standing with the people of the world today.”

Chanting “America Was never great,” the group of about a dozen protesters surrounded Gregory Lee Johnson, who set an American flag aflame.

A group of Proud Boys, extremists with ties to White Nationalism, and Trump supporters arrived, and a brief melee ensued.

The Proud Boys mistakenly identified the communists as anti-fascist group, Antifa.

Police arrested at least one Revolutionary Communist, to the chants of “Let him go!”

The man arrested was Gregory Lee Johnson.

Proud Boys: “Bad boys, bad boys. What cha gonna do? What cha gonna do when they come for you?”

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1. In the beginning, a mob spontaneously appeared. True or false?

2. Did the Revolutionary Communist Party march in silence?

3. What was their grievance? Why were they upset?

4. They called for peaceful, democratic solutions. Is this right or wrong?

5. Did they have a leader? What was the culmination, apogee or climax of the demonstration?

6. Everyone around the group applauded (clapped) and supported them. Is this entirely correct, mostly correct, yes and no, in-between, largely incorrect or totally incorrect?

7. Was there police involvement?


A. Have people in your country burned or otherwise desecrated the national flag or a foreign flag? If yes, why was this done? Is flag desecration legal or illegal?

B. Do some or many people display the national flag from their houses or on their property?

C. Is there unanimity or controversy regarding flag desecration? How do people feel about flag burning? Is there mixed feelings?

D. Should people be allowed to do anything with a flag? What should people or governments do?

E. What might happen in the future?

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