fish and chips Oxford

Fish and Chips in Oxford



elite residential best known
mere chip (3) come/came/came
fry deep fried sell/sold/sold
peel deep (3) think/thought/thought
fresh de-bone preservatives
cod nonsense get/got/gotten
scale scaled (2) wholesome
enjoy aim (2) make/made/made
flour hospitality made-to-order
size portion ready made
price waistline make/made/made
flavor coat (2) come/came/came
sickly show (3) know/knew/known
batter attitude straight (3)
filling customer put together
gallery interact conferences
outing go berserk keep me going


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The English city of Oxford is best know for its elite university. It’s one of the oldest in the world, and have just under twenty-four thousand students.

A mere two kilometers away is the other Oxford. This residential neighborhood is home to Kazem Hakimi’s fish and chip shop.

Born in Iran, Kazem Hakimi first came to England in the 1960s. And since 1988, he’s been selling that most British of fast-food, deep-fried fish and chips.

He says it’s a lot healthier than many people might think.

Kazem Hakimi, Fish and Chip Shop Owner: “Well, it’s wholesome food. We peel fresh potatoes in the morning; there are no preservatives or nonsense in that.

We get scaled cod, the best cod I can get. Filet of cod. I take the bones out— de-bone it.”

It’s then coated in a batter made of flour, salt and water. And put straight in to the deep fryer.

Kazem Hakimi, Fish and Chip Shop Owner: “Five to ten minutes maximum, made-to-order; we don’t have them ready-made.”

The portion sizes are certainly not for anyone watching their waistline. The price: eight pounds; that’s nearly nine euros.

Many of his customers have been coming here for years.

Female Customer One: “I don’t know. It’s just that no one is going to just not like it though, are they, because of it’s flavors and everything. There’s nothing to not enjoy. And it’s not too sickly or too filling.”

Male Customer One: “It’s cheap, it’s good. You can’t tell if it’s healthy or not— probably not, but it’s delicious.”

Male Customer Two: “Always nice hospitality. Make you a cup of tea if you ask him. Hahaha.”

Kazem Hakimi aims to do more than sell fast food. He says it’s about an attitude to life.

A few years ago, he started photographing his customers, putting them together in a large book. Many of his photos have gone on shows and galleries in Oxford.

Kazem Hakimi, Fish and Chip Shop Owner: “I interact with people here. So we have conference. So it’s just like an outing really. I come to see my friends. Also, it happens that I work here.

So it’s good. That’s what gives me going. Otherwise I would have gone berserk, just cooking and cooking.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The most famous establishment in Oxford is a fish-and-chip shop. True or false?

2. Is the owner and operator of the fish-and-chip shop a native-born Briton?

3. According to the owner, Kazem Hakimi, is fish-and-chips healthy or unhealthy? What are the ingredients of fish-and-chips?

4. How is fish-and-chips made? Are the ready-made or made-to-order? Are they cheap or expensive?

5. Do the customers like Kazem Hakimi’s fish-and-chips? What do they say?

6. Kazem Hakimi only prepares, cooks and sells Kazem Hakimi. Is this right or wrong?

7. What has happened to him and his enterprise?


A. I have been to the UK. I have visited England. Yes or no?

B. Have you eaten fish-and-chips? What meals, fast-foods and snacks have you tried?

C. What meals, fast-foods and snacks are popular in your city?

D. I would like to own and operate a food or snack stall.

E. What might happen in the future?

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