first conditional

First Conditional, one

The first conditional expresses possible situations and their probably outcomes (results).

Form of the first conditional

The basic grammatical form of the first conditional is

If + noun + verb-1(s), subject + will + verb-1.
Subject + will + verb-1 if noun + verb-1(s).


● If it rains tomorrow, I will take my umbrella.
I will take my umbrella tomorrow if it rains.
● If you do all your homework and study, you will get an “A” for this course.
● Archie won’t win the fencing match if he doesn’t train and practice consistently.




Answer or respond to the following. Say why and give examples.


1. What will happen if Camillo (or Wojciech or Kwan Jun) emigrates to the United States? If Camillo emigrates to the United States,_______________ .

2. Patty will emigrate from her country if _______________ .

3. If Nancy listens to very loud music, __________ .

4. If Johnny spends too much time on the internet,__________.

5. Ernest’s hair will turn white if _______ .

6. Michelle will be very happy if ________. If ________, she will be overjoyed (very happy)!

7. What will Tony do if he feels bored? If he feels bored,____________ .




8. The next-door neighbors will complain if _______.

9. If _____________, we will call the police. Have you ever called the police?

10. What will happen if Tom, Jim and Bob behave badly? If Tom, Jim, and Bob behave badly,_________ .

11. If the children behave well ____________.

12. Mathew will go to jail if _________ .

13. What will happen if Alfred goes to prison? If Alfred goes to prison,________

14. If ________, we will all celebrate!

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