first conditional two

First Conditional, two


The first conditional expresses possible situations and their probably outcomes (results).

Form of the first conditional

The basic grammatical form of the first conditional is

If + noun + verb-1(s), subject + will + verb-1.
Subject + will + verb-1 if noun + verb-1(s).

Health, Fitness

16. Tim will get fat if __________.

17. If Dave loses weight and gets in shape, ________.

18. If Joe drinks a lot of beer, wine and whiskey,

19. Wesley won’t have an accident if

20. If __________, he will catch a cold.

21. If Mr. Coultner gets sick, ________ .

22. Christine will be healthy if _______ .

23. If Mr. Melloncamp _______ he will be strong.


24. What will happen if Ana doesn’t visit her mother?

25. Radzin won’t visit his aunt if ________.

26. Betty and Richard will get married if_______.

27. Julie won’t marry Ian if_________.

28. What will happen if they get married?

29. If _______, they will stay married for over 50 years.

30. If _______, the teacher will be very pleased; but if_____ , she’ll get angry.


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