First Conditional, two


The first conditional expresses possible situations and their probably outcomes (results).

Form of the first conditional

The basic grammatical form of the first conditional is

If + noun + verb-1(s), subject + will + verb-1.
Subject + will + verb-1 if noun + verb-1(s).

Health, Fitness

16. Tim will get fat if __________.

17. If Dave loses weight and gets in shape, ________.

18. If Joe drinks a lot of beer, wine and whiskey,

19. Wesley won’t have an accident if

20. If __________, he will catch a cold.

21. If Mr. Coultner gets sick, ________ .

22. Christine will be healthy if _______ .

23. If Mr. Melloncamp _______ he will be strong.


24. What will happen if Ana doesn’t visit her mother?

25. Radzin won’t visit his aunt if ________.

26. Betty and Richard will get married if_______.

27. Julie won’t marry Ian if_________.

28. What will happen if they get married?

29. If _______, they will stay married for over 50 years.

30. If _______, the teacher will be very pleased; but if_____ , she’ll get angry.


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