first conditional three

First Conditional, three

Examples of the First Conditional:

● If it rains tomorrow, I will take my umbrella.
I will take my umbrella tomorrow if it rains.
● If you do all your homework and study, you will get an “A” for this course.
● Archie won’t win the fencing match if he doesn’t train and practice consistently.

Answer or respond to the following. Say why and give examples.

Politics, Economics

31. What will happen if Doran doesn’t pay off his debts?

32. If the price of gasoline (petrol) increases to $5 a litre, _______ .

33. Petrol prices will increase if _______ .

34. What will happen if the government continues to spend more money than it collects?

35. If the government ______ , Graham will criticize it (them).35

36. If Vanessa criticizes her government, ______ .

37. What will happen if Chinese, Indian, Russian millionaires and billionaires are allowed to emigrate where ever they wanted?

Work, Career

38. If I get a job offer in New York, I will go there. Yes or no? What will you do if you saw a job opening in North Dakota? France? Siberia? New Zealand? Manaus?

39. If my colleague __________ the boss will fire him/her.

40. The boss will be very pleased if ___________. If ____________, the teacher will be very pleased.

41. Harry will get a good job if _____________ .

42. If Rosario ________, she will receive a big bonus.

43. If Stuart _____________, he will get a raise.

44. If Joshua Choi Kok earns more money,

45. If Joshua works hard and works smart, ____________.

46. Louis will work very hard if ____________.


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