The Firewalking Camp




ritual New Age conference
hug spiritual conference
drum seminar enthusiasm
let go bonding overcome
coach self-help counseling
team support firewalking
belief personal excitement
ashes coal (2) motivation
cheer guidance development
lobby getaway conference room
stress anxiety depression
retreat gathering cooperation
relax enriching team spirit
detox therapy confidence
pagan encourage self-esteem
ancient workshop self-confidence





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1. The participants gathered at a beach during the summer and stayed in small cabins. True or false?

2. Was this a seminar or workshop on using new computer software?

3. They were playing sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball. Is this right or wrong?

4. What was the highlight of the gathering? What was the grand finale?

5. Was the fire-walk a quiet event?

6. This took place in Australia, and the participants were all Australian men. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. What may have been the purpose of this event? Who were the participants? Describe the participants.


A. I have been at a summer camp in my youth. Yes or no?

B. Have you or your company participated in such (motivational or spiritual) events?

C. I have walked on fire. I have fire walked. True or false? Have you seen firewalking before? How do they do this?

D. Would you and your friends like to participate in such a program?

E. Are events like these popular? Are they big business?

F. What may happen in the future?

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