fire fighting

The Fire



let (2) get back proposal
look save (2) get away
flame fine (2) bless you
arrest still (2) you’re under arrest
roof patheti get you out
chiefc get out predictable
moth hold it generous
mind collapse out of your mind






Mother: “My baby is in there! My baby is in there!”
Fireman: “I can’t let you go in there: the roof’s about to collapse.”
Mother: “My baby’s in there. Somebody get my baby.”
Fireman: “I can’t let you go in there: the roof’s about to collapse!”
Woman: “Look! Up there!”

Mother: “Save my baby, please!”

Mother: “OH NO!!!”

Spiderman: “It’s okay; your baby’s fine!”
Mother: “Oh my baby.

Bless you, Spiderman. Bless you.”

Police Officer: “There he is! Don’t let him get away! Hold it. Hold it, right there! You’re under arrest! I’m taking you!”

Woman: “Oh my god. There’s somebody still up there!”

Spiderman: “I’m going!”
Police Officer: “I’ll be here when you get back!”
Spiderman: “I’m not coming back, Chief.”

Police Officer: “Go! Go!”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Spiderman: “Where are you? Where are you?

I’m gonna get you out of here!


Green Goblin: “You’re pathetically predictable! Like a moth to the flame!

What about my generous proposal?”

Are you in, or are you out?”

Spiderman: “It’s you who’s out, Gobby! Out of your mind.”

Green Goblin: “Wrong answer! It’s you who’s out of your mind!”
Spiderman: “Oh great!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1% (One Percent). In the beginning, people were playing in a waterpark. True or false?

5% (Two Percent). A woman was hysterical; she was screaming and crying. Is this right or wrong? Why was she hysterical?

10%. Did firemen save her baby? What happened?

20%. A police officer came, shook Spiderman’s hand, and said, “Thank you very much Spiderman!” Is this correct or incorrect?

25%. What did another woman say? What did Spiderman do?

33%. Spiderman found and rescued a woman in the burning building. Yes or no?

50%. What happened in the end?


66%. How many fire departments are there in your city?

75%. I have seen fire engines (fire trucks) drive by and heard sirens. Yes or no? Describe the scene.

Fire Fighters are very brave. They are heroes. What do you think?

99%. How can people prevent fires?

100%. What might happen in the future?

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