Finding Refuge in Poland




gray refugee meet/met/met
coat look like feel/felt/felt
peace intertwine find/found/found
safety up-ended bring/brought/brought
pack precious cut/cut/cut
own get out (2) believe (2)
stay last (2) good/better/best
proud miss (2) worry/worried
fight going on hard/harder/hardest (2)
half anyway circumstance
calm on route break/broke/broken
flag each other sleep/slept/slept
get by volunteer strange (2)
insist grave (2) impossible
piece emotional close/closer/closest
laugh essence know/knew/known
nice comfort give them comfort
warm give/gave/given






Alexa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee (via phone): “I’m in a black coat, and my mom is in gray, and with a cat.”

They had no idea what each other would look like or how they’d feel when they met. But they found each other anyway.

Lives up-ended in a week of war. They brought what was precious to safety.

Alexa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “We just need to start a new life, and it’s hard.”

A mother and daughter with all they could pack on route to a home that’s not their own. Alexa and her mum Larissa are from Kyiv. Marysia is Polish. Their country’s histories are intertwined; now their families are.

Alexa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “Now I live here and here is a very beautiful place, and people are so good.”

Alexa’s brother stayed to fight. Her father Eugene is helping other refugees get out. The last thing he told her is important.

Alexa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “That everything will be okay and just don’t worry about him. I’m proud of him. This was harder for mom.

Larissa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “I don’t just miss him; I feel like I’ve been cut in half; my family is broken. I’m a photograph, but a mother first.”

Larissa is a photographer, but a mother first she insists.

Larissa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “Last Wednesday was a calm happy day. We all had dinner together. We slept in our own beds I just want us back together and to live in peace.

If Ukraine has a Russian flag over it that will be impossible.”

They talk in Ukrainian, English, Polish and Russian — but they get by.

Marysia Starzewska, Polish Volunteer: “It’s very strange to to know what’s happening in Ukraine. We still kind of can’t believe what’s going on there.

So and it’s very emotional for us. It’s like our closest neighbor.

On one hand the circumstances are so grave — but once we met, we have kind of good time, you know we also laugh.”

But the essence of a home is what’s giving them comfort.

Journalist: “Oh it’s nice and warm in here.”

Larissa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “Yeah.”

A proper bed, thick blankets and a friend.

Larissa Stefanuik, Ukrainian Refugee: “I just want to have such friends like Marysia. I think that she is very a good and kind person.”

There can be no greater sanctuary from the bullets than here where in times of darkness there is some light. Lucy Watson, News at 10, Poland.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Bed, Mattress. Alexa and Marysia have been very close friends for a long time. True or false?

Sofa, Couch. Is Alexa spending her vacation at Marysia’s house?

Dining Table, Coffee Table, Desk. As living in rural Poland been easy for Alexa and her mother?

Chair, Armchair. Alexa’s brother and father will join them in a few days. Is this right or wrong?

Refrigerator, Freezer. Does Larissa identify herself primarily as a photographer?

Stove, Oven. Alexa and Larissa had prepared well in advance to escape. Is this correct or incorrect? Are they and Marysia shocked?

Cupboard. Does everyone (the Polish volunteer and Ukrainian refugees) communicates with each other in English?
Shelf, Shelves, Bookcase. Are there refugees in your town, city and country? If yes, where do they come from? Why are they refugees?

Closet, Wardrobe.
Have people from your country been refugees?

Floor, Carpet, Rug. Have you been at a homestay in the country? Have you hosted guests?

Wall, Wall Paper, Window, Curtain. What should happen to refugees? What should refugees do?

Drawers, Chest of Drawers. What might happen in the future?

Nightstand, Bedside Table. What is the solution to the refugee crisis?

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