fill in fill up get across get around

7. End Up, Face Up To

Fill in, Find out



fill out figure out face up (to)
end up feel up to fill me in on
fill in find out fall though
fill up





End up, face up to, fall through, feel up to, figure out

53. End up: arrive somewhere or result in
About 90% of convicted criminals were told as children, “You’re going to end up in jail someday.” Elaborate on this. Paul and Michelle ended up getting lost. Why did they end up getting lost? Where were they?

54. Face up to: admit to; realize the reality.
“You’ll have to face up to the fact that you’re not a child anymore.” Who might say this and why would they say it? What are some challenges people have to face up to?

55. Fall through: plan that didn’t happen; a failed attempt.
The sales team were hoping to close the deal; but it fell through. Why did the sale fall through?

56. Feel up to: to feel motivated and enthusiastic about doing something.
Do your friends feel up to clubbing and partying (all the time)?

57. Figure out: to find the solution of a problem
What should scholars figure out? Experts must figure out how to . . . .



Fill in, fill me in, fill in for, fill out, fill up

58. Fill in: to write in information on a form.
I have filled in many application forms. True or false? What questions do they ask?

59. Fill me in (on): to tell or update someone about something
Your classmate or colleague was in a coma for five years. What do you do? How do companies and firms operate?

60. Fill in for: to substitute for another teacher, worker.
Who fills in for your teacher? Who fills in for you when you are absent? I fill in for . . . when she or he is absent.

61. Fill out: to complete a form by adding required information.
In my life, I have had to fill out many official forms. Is this correct or wrong? In the future, everyone will fill everything out online. What do you think?

62. Fill up: to fill something up (a car with gas)
Are there many places to fill up your car with gas? Have you heard of Sod’s Law? Give an example. Will people still be doing this in the future? What will happen in the future?

63. Find out (about): to be informed; hear something new.
Nowadays everybody can find out about anything anytime. Is this correct or incorrect?

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