festivals around world


Around the World, 1




dragon colorful around the world
parade costume cemetery
globe stadium around (3)
skull lantern extravagant
lucky festival good luck
lion display fireworks
bone powder skeleton
grave float (2) graveyard
honor light (3) flamboyant







*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Spring Festival, Lunar New Year. Was this video a geography lesson about the names of continents, countries and capitals?

Valentine’s Day. In the Rio de Janairo Carnival, everyone wears regular clothes and eat favorite snacks. True or false?

Maslinitsa. The main color in the Chinese New Year is green. Families only stay home and have feasts. Yes or no?

Carnival. During the Holi festival in India, there snow on the ground and people throw snowballs at each other. Is this right or wrong?

Easter. In Diwali, is it very dark?

Spring Break. During the Day of the Dead in Mexico, are there pictures and dolls of ghosts and witches?

Mother’s Day. Were there any festivals in Europe or the United States?
International Workers’ Day. What are some festivals in your country?

International Women’s Day. I would like to attend different festivals around the world. Yes or no?

Halloween. Are these festivals great for business?

Thanksgiving. What might happen in the future?

Christmas and New Year. Should there be more and bigger festivals, fewer and smaller festivals, or should things remain the same?

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