sword fencing meet/met/met
mask default gorgeous
foil gamble encasement
duel fountain remember
armor mistake think/thought/thought (2)
bet stake (2) place a bet
excuse cockfight hit/hit/hit
nil brilliant absolutely
afford point (4) get around
up (2) brilliant specimen
wager weapon bloody (2)
torso fashion old-fashioned
blood enough draw/drew/drawn (3)
settle lounge beat/beat/beaten
blade medieval Middle-Ages
feast publicist handle (2)
keep antique do you mind
tip (2) undone fine/finer/finest
fight club (3) feast your eyes
touche deserve take/took/taken
cash lead on win/won/won
knight continue lead/led/led
wish play (3) pick up (3)







007: “Verity? James Bond. Your lessons?”
Verity: “I see you handle your weapon well.”
007: “I have been known to keep my tip up.”
Verity: “Do you mind? I think I’ve come undone. Feast your eyes on the finest blade in the club.”
007: “Gustav Graves?”
Verity: “His publicist, Miranda Frost. My protege. Gorgeous, isn’t she? She took the gold in Sydney.”
007: “By default, if I remember.”
Verity: “Default? The one who beat her ODed on steroids. Miranda deserved that gold.”
007: “And now she’s teaching Graves how to win one.”
Verity: “The only place for cash. He’s won so much, nobody else wants to fight him. You want to meet him?”
007: “Absolutely. Lead on.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Verity: “Gustav.”
Gustav Graves: “Verity. And Mr . . .”
007: “Bond. James Bond.”
Gustav Graves: “Have we met before?”
007: “Oh I don’t think I remember.”
Gustav Graves: “Oh course you would. My mistake. Are you a gambling man, Mr. Bond?”
007: “If the stakes are right.”
Gustav Graves: “A thousand point too much for you? Care to a place a bet, Verity?”
Verity: “No thanks. I don’t like cockfights.”
Gustav Graves: “Shall we?”
007: “Excuse me.”
Gustav Graves: “Best of three hits?”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Gustav Graves: “Two nil. Do you wish to continue?”
007: “You want it off the wage?”
Gustav Graves: “How much can you afford?”
007: “Let’s play for this. I picked it up in Cuba. Another point, it’s yours.”
Gustav Graves: “You do get around. Brilliant specimen.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

007: “Oh dear. Do you want to continue?”
Gustav Graves: “Of course I want to bloody continue! Since we’re upping the wager, heads up the weapons, shall we?”
007: “Yeah.”
Gustav Graves: “Let’s do this the old-fashioned way. First to draw blood from the torso.”

Miranda: “That is enough!”
Gustav Graves: “Hahaha. It’s just a little sport, Miranda. Seems you’ve beaten me Mr. Bond. Let’s settle down the lounge, shall we?”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Knife, Knives. The setting was a hotel casino. The video happened in a hotel casino. True or false?

Sword. Did James Bond fight the woman?

Saber. Were James Bond and Gustav Graves good friends? Did the know each other? Did they play poker or blackjack? Did they play cards?

Spear, Javelin. In the beginning of the fencing match, 007 won two points. Is this right or wrong? Who was better in the beginning?

Lance. What happened in the third round? Was Gustav happy?

Shield. Did Gustav and 007 continue fencing? What did they do?

Pike. They fought and stayed in the same place. Is this right or wrong? Where they playing with each other? Were they having a sporting fight?

Slingshot. They used the same swords. Is this correct or incorrect? Was everything in good order or did they destroy objects?

Bow and Arrow. In the end, Gustav destroyed James. Do you agree? Did the box each other afterward?
Crossbow. I have seen fencing matches or sword fights. Yes or no? Have you seen James Bond movies?

Catapult. Is fencing or sword fight clubs popular? Are 007 movies popular?

Trebuchet. I want to be in a movie. I want to be 007. I want to be a secret agent.

Canon. What might happen in the future?

Arabesque, Musket. Should people write books, stories or make home videos of adventure stories?

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