Father Frost 2

Father Frost, 2



frost laundry rare/rarely
arm maiden armed (2)
list palace material (2)
gift request fortunately
well oil well cut out (2)
alone well (2) unfortunately
wish reindeer decorate
greet elf/elves account (2)
magic New Year instead of
pull recognize do the dishes
era behave communist
cabin health


Video: Father Frost Village



Welcome to the home of Father Frost, the Slavic Father Christmas. Every winter, he travels down from his cabin in the north of Russia to this forest near Moscow to greet thousands of children — armed, of course, with his wish list.

“I rarely get asked for material gifts, but one boy did request an oil well last week.

They are asking for me, so I’ve got to go an meet them.”

And Father Frost has his work cut out for him this year. Fortunately he is not alone to meet and greet. For that he has his little helper: the Snow Maiden.

Hello my little friends. Hello.
Hello. My name is Snow Maiden. I’m the granddaughter of Father Christmas, and this is my palace.

I live here. And it’s here that I help Father Frost.

In the Slavic accounts of Father Christmas, there are no elves, and his sleigh is not pulled by reindeer, but magic horses.

And instead of children receiving gifts on the 25th of December, which wasn’t recognized during the Communist Era, they do so at New Year.

And these kids think they have done just enough this year for what they wished for.

“I’ve done the dishes and been well behaved for daddy.”
“I’ve helped mom with the dishes, the laundry. I’m always doing the laundry.”
“I’ve decorated the tree.”

But these messages for Father Frost aren’t just penned by kids: parents are also know to post a wish or two; for health and happiness for the year to come.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Father Frost lives in Moscow. True or false? Where does Father Frost live? Father Frost lives in . . . .

2. Does Father Frost meet and talk to old men?

3. One boy asked for a sports car. Is this right or wrong? What did one boy ask Father Frost? He asked for…

4. Does Father Frost work alone? Does he work by himself? Who is his assistant?

5. He travels by sleigh and reindeer. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. Do children receive gifts on 24 December? When do children receive gifts?

7. Have the children been good boys and girls? What did they do?

8. People sent emails and text messages to Father Frost. Yes or no?
A. Do you see Father Frost or Santa Claus in your city? Describe Father Frost or Santa Claus.

B. There is a Santa-like character in our traditional folklore. Yes or no?

C. My friends and I want to visit Father Frost Village. Are there Santa Villages, Christmas Markets or Christmas decorations in your city or country?

D. What do you wish Santa will give you? I would like . . . I wish for . . . .

E. What will happen in the future?

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