father and daughter acrobatic team

The Daughter

and Father Team



really scared dangerous
act (2) percent oh my god
trust recognize dream (2)
talent grocery grocery store
got to not at all autograph
wait good luck I can’t wait






Judge Ayesha: “What are your names?”
Sergey: “My name is Sergey.”
Sasha: “My name is Sasha. Father and daughter.”
Simon: “Oh. Really?”
Sasha: “Really.”
Ayesha: “So how old are you both, then?”
Sasha: “I’m fifteen (15) and my dad is fifty-two (52).
Ayesha: “Wow! And how long have you been doing this act?”
Sasha: “Ten years. Yeah.”
Sergey: “We started when she was six years old.”
Ayesha: “Wow.”
Simon: “Can I ask you a question? Is this act dangerous?”
Sasha: “Yes.”
Ayesha: “You’re not scared?”
Sergey: “Not at all.”
Sasha: “I trust my dad, a hundred percent (100%).
Ayesha: “What is the dream?”
Sasha: “The dream is to be recognized anywhere; like I’ll be in a grocery store, and somebody’s like, ‘hah! That’s Sasha from Got Talent! Oh my god. I gotta get her autograph’.”
Ayesha: “Okay, I can wait to see this. Good luck!”
Sasha: “Thank you.”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Sasha and Sergey are neighbors and friends. True or false?

2. Did Sergey want people to know his age? How old are they?

3. Sasha wants to be a Hollywood movie star. Is this right or wrong? What is her goal or dream?

4. Were they scared about their performance? Why weren’t they scared?

5. How many acts did they perform? What did they do?

6. Was their performance easy, medium-difficult, difficult or very difficult?

7. The judges and audience loved their performance. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. I did simple, easy acrobats with my brother, sister or parents. Yes or no?

B. I saw famous people in the supermarket (or park, street, city square)?

C. Do you want to be famous?

D. What will happen to Sasha and Sergey?

E. Do you know anyone who does gymnastics or acrobatics?

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