The Fashion Show, 1



set prepare manage (2)
design costume good luck
wait fabulous I can’t wait
pinata fantastic blow my mind
trick blow up blow/blew/blown
ready costume entertaining
quick brilliant couple (2)
corny special pretty bad
vote amazing congratulations
guys excited right now
dream imagine fantastic
fault pattern next time
include basically


Video One




Heidi Klum: Hi.
Victoria Petrosyan: Hi.
Sos Petrosyan: My name is Sos.
Heidi Klum: My name is Victoria.
Simon: Are you married?
Victoria Petrosyan: Yes, we’re married.
Sos Petrosyan: This year is going to be twenty years.
Heidi Klum: Twenty years? Wow. What will you be showing us today?
Sos Petrosyan: We have a very special set which we prepared for this show. And all the costumes you are going to see were made by us.
Simon: Including the one your wife is wearing right now?
Sos Petrosyan: Yes.
Simon: You designed it.
Victoria Petrosyan: Yes.
Heidi Klum: Okay, I can’t wait to see it. Good luck.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Heidi Klum: WOW! You really blew my mind! It was — fabulous!
Mel B: You managed to pop color in there, designs, patterns . . . it was so entertaining! Brilliant!
Howie Mendel: This was beautiful. I loved that you’re really a couple. I thought the costumes were great. It was quick. Also it’s something you never hear in your house, “Are you ready, yet?” because she’s always.
Simon: The act is fantastic. I mean it was quick … slick … Uh, I have no idea how you did it. I thought the dancing was pretty bad . . . But . . .
Mel B. I knew you were going to say that.
Simon: It was a bit corny, but one of the best we’ve seen. Congratulations.
Heidi Klum: We still have to vote. Howie.
Howei: Yes.
Mel B. It’s a yes for me.
Simon: It’s a yes for me.
Heidi Klum: And I’m going to give you a fourth yes.

I want to do this too now.
Howie: It was amazing.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



First Question. Sos and Victoria are boyfriend and girlfriend. True or false?

Second Q. Had they bought all their costumes?

Third. What happened in their performance?

Fourth. Sos and Victoria’s act was a combination of dance, fashion modeling and magic. Is this right or wrong?

Fifth. What was the audiences’ and judges’ reactions during the performance?

Sixth. Did they like the performance?

Seventh. Heidi Klum (the blonde judge) seemed to have especially loved Sos and Victoria. What do you think? Why might Heidi especially like their performance?
A. Monday. Were you surprised, awed and amazed by Sos and Victoria’s act?

B. Tuesday. I have been to fashion shows. True or false?

C. Wednesday. Are there fashion shows in your city? Are they popular?

D. Thursday. My friends and I have a large collection of clothes. We like to buy new clothes. Yes or no?

E. Friday. Would you or your friends like to be a fashion model?

F. Saturday. Are talent shows and magic performances popular?

G. Sunday. What might happen in the future?


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