The Fashion Show, 2




set prepare manage (2)
design costume good luck
wait fabulous I can’t wait
pinata fantastic blow my mind
trick blow up blow/blew/blown
ready costume entertaining
quick brilliant couple (2)
corny special pretty bad
vote amazing congratulations
guys excited right now
dream imagine fantastic
fault pattern next time
include basically


Video Two




Sos Petrosyan: My name is Sos.
Victoria Petrosyan: My name is Victoria.
Sos Petrosyan: And we do “Quick Change”. The first time we performed on America’s Got Talent, they liked it. But Simon told us, “I thought the dancing was pretty bad.” So this time we are doing less dancing. We have really been working non-stop. To win this show — we still believe we’re going to win it — it’s the biggest dream I could imagine in my life.

.        .        .       .        .        .        .        .

Heidi Klum: Hey guys.
Sos and Victoria Petrosyan: Hi.
Heidi Klum: You have no idea how excited I am to see you guys again.
Sos and Victoria Petrosyan: Thank you.
Heidi Klum: I haven’t seen anything quite like it before, and I hope you do it the same, if not better today.
Sos Petrosyan: We will do our best.
Simon: Can I just ask, why have you entered America’s Got Talent?
Sos Petrosyan: To have our own show in Vegas: that’s our dream.
Simon: Okay.
Heidi Klum: Good luck to you.
Sos Petrosyan: Thank you.
Victoria Petrosyan: Thank you.

.        .        .       .        .        .        .        .

Judge: I need you to come to my house on Friday night, and teach my girlfriend how to change that quick.
Howie: It took Mel B here half-an-hour to get into this pinata. And that’s the only thing she’s been wearing the whole show.
Simon: When you’re good at what you’re doing, it’s great. But there wasn’t enough of it.
Heidi Klum: Did you have more changes the first time around when we saw you?
Sos Petrosyan: Yes. Because Simon didn’t like the dance, we decided to put in some magical tricks.
Mel B: You’re saying it was Simon’s idea. It’s your idea.
Heidi Klum: It’s your fault.
Simon: What? I didn’t say do magic tricks.
Mel B: I think next time, don’t listen to Simon, basically.
Heidi Klum: Yes, DON’T listen to him. You guys are fantastic. You’re so fast.
Sos Petrosyan: Thank you.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



11. Eleventh Question. All the judges were very thrilled and happy to see Sos and Victoria again. True or false?

12. Twelfth Q. They entered America’s Got Talent to win $1 million. Is this right or wrong? Why did then enter the competition?

13. Thirteenth Q. Was the audience excited and thrilled with their performance?

14. Fourteenth. In their performance, were they singing?

15. Fifteenth. Could people see Victoria change?

16. Sixteenth. Victoria changed to similar types of clothes. Is this correct or incorrect?

17. Seventeenth. What did the judges and audience think of Sos and Victoria?
A. January. Were you surprised, awed and amazed by Sos and Victoria’s act?

B. February. I have been to fashion shows. True or false?

C. March. Are there fashion shows in your city? Are they popular?

D. April. My friends and I have a large collection of clothes. We like to buy new clothes. Yes or no?

E. May. Would you or your friends like to be a fashion model?

F. June. Are talent shows and magic performances popular?

G. July. What might happen in the future?

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