faraway strict sloppy

Faraway, Sure, Ignorant

Strict, Lax, Sloppy, Careless



spiritual faraway upset
express (2) sure of course
oily previous frightened
fair unfair not fair
knowledgeable insane ignorant
strict lax careless
sloppy extreme ignorant


Spiritual, faraway, upset, express, of course

1. Where are some spiritual or holy places that people visit? ….. is a spiritual place. There are spiritual healers in my town. Yes or no? If yes, describe them.

2. Would you like to journey to a faraway place?

3. What upsets you? What makes you upset? ………upsets me sometimes.

4. The best way to express yourself is…the internet. Do you agree? Do you or any of your friends catch an express bus or train to work?

5. Would you like to become successful and prosperous? Do you want your children to become successful and prosperous?

Oily, previous, frightened, fair, unfair

6. Which tastes better oily or non-oily dishes?

7. The previous decades had better music, fashions, TV shows, movies. Music, fashions, TV shows, movies in the previous decades were better. Do you agree?

8. Oftentimes people become frightened by nothing serious. Have you or your friends experienced this?

9. I have been to trade fairs, farm fairs and exhibitions. Yes or no? What did you see?

10. Do you feel that you live in a fair society or country? What do you consider to be unfair in society, government, business, justice, education?

Not fair, sure, sloppy, extreme, alone

11. What things in your school or company are not fair?

12. I’m sure that the future will be brighter. Yes or no?

13. Do you think people’s writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and English are sloppy?

14. Are there extreme groups in your city? If yes, describe them and their platform.

15. People in the country are alone and people in the city are never alone. What do you think?

Knowledgeable, insane, ignorant, strict, lax, careless

16. Who is the most knowledgeable person you know? Do you know any walking encyclopedias? What do they talk about?

17. Are there insane people in your community? If yes, are people born insane or do they become insane due to trauma, depression, mental breakdown? How can they be helped?

18. “Ignorance is bliss.” What does this mean? Can you give examples? Is it possible to be ignorant, yet successful financially?

19. Life was stricter in the old days, during my grandparents’ time. True or false?

20. Do you prefer a lax or strict work environment? Would you like a lax or strict society?

21. In the future pilots and car drivers can be careless. Do you agree?

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