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world right now appreciate
exotic summit pace of life
career founder first-hand
fill at a time dream (2)
globe budget years on end
full (2) expand choose/chose/chosen
amaze explore give/gave/given
event workshop opportunity
pace growth connection
get out bond (2) incredible
joy lifestyle strengthen
create live (2) network (2)
benefit catalyst bring/brought/brought
game hands-on speak/spoke/spoken
fun inspire leave/left/left
help resources adventure
join fulfilling meaningful






Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world with your family?

Living in exotic places. Appreciating new cultures. Experiencing a slower pace of life. Or a faster one?

How would you like to learn about the world through more first-hand experiences? To be with your kids through all the special moments? And to expand your network of friends to fill the globe?

There are thousands of families out there right now traveling the world. Some travel for a few weeks at a time. Some for months. And others never stop, years on end.

These families travel at all budget levels, and with various careers. Each has their own learning style, and travel style.

But they’ve all chosen to live their lives to the fullest, and give their family the incredible opportunity to explore this amazing planet.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Hi, I’m Brandon Pearce, founder of the Family Adventure Summit. For the past 8 years, my family has been traveling the world together, visiting and living in over 32 different countries.

Nothing has been a more powerful catalyst for personal growth, learning, and family bonding, than traveling together.

Now we want to bring the joys and benefits of extended family travel to more families, while strengthening the community of families who’ve made it their lifestyle.

That’s why we’re creating the Family Adventure Summit. This live event brings families together for three days of learning, play, and connection.

With inspiring speakers, hands-on workshops, and fun games and activities for kids and adults, you’ll leave the event full of resources, ideas, and friends to help get out on the road, and to make your family travel adventure more fulfilling and meaningful.

Join us at the next Family Adventure Summit, and become part of this community of inspiring families living their dreams.

To learn more, visit

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1. Everyone wants to stay in their homes and live in their town or city for the rest of their lives. True or false?

2. Very few families travel, live and work around the world together. Is this right or wrong?

3. Do all families follow the same program, in terms of budget, duration and places?

4. Has Brandon lived his whole life in one country?

5. Traveling is a great, rewarding and educational experience. Is this correct or incorrect?

6. In The Family Adventure Summit, do groups of families live, work and travel together; or do they get together for various activities?

7. What some of things happen at the Family Adventure Summit? What do they do there?
A. Do you and your family travel, live or work in different parts of the world? Do you know anyone who does?

B. I wish I could live, travel and work abroad. Yes or no?

C. What are the benefits of living, traveling and working abroad?

D. Are there any drawbacks or disadvantages?

E. What might happen in the future?

F. Should more people and families live, work and travel abroad?

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