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Europa Park



wild scared roller coaster
loop highlight adrenaline rush
rush survive adrenaline
fun dry out shaken up
arena prepare find your way around
theme what else multimedia
joust area (3) attraction
decor on offer for instance
pro advice recommendation
aware represent on a budget
allow no way admission
tour speed soaking wet
wet splash 360 degrees


Video: Europa Park



Europa Park’s wildest roller coaster is the Blue Fire.

Reporter: It’s about to start. I’m a bit scared. But I’m sure we’ll see each other soon.”

The ride accelerates to a hundred kilometers an hour in 2.5 seconds.

The highlight is of course — The Loop: a real adrenaline rush.

Reporter: “I survived. I’m a bit shaken up, but it really was a lot of fun. The Blue Fire was a perfect start to a day here in Europa Park.

Now I’m going to find out what else there is to do.”

The park is so large, you really do need a map to find your way around.

There are more than a hundred attractions, including thirteen roller-coasters. And the park is always adding new things, like this multimedia, 360 degree movie theater.

There’s a good reason why it’s called Europa Park: Russia, Greece, Iceland and many other countries have their own themed areas, with special attractions.

In Spain’s areas for instance, there’s an arena for things like jousting.

There’s so much on offer, there’s no way to see all the attractions on a single day.

I get some advice from a pro.

Jakob Wahl, Europa Park Rust: “Head straight to the back first thing in the morning. Most visitors start at the front and use the attractions there, which increases waiting times. If you go to the back, it will be a lot quicker.

Reporter: Do you have any other recommendations?

Jakob Wahl, Europa Park Rust: “Don’t eat when everyone else does between noon and two pm. The lines at the restaurants are the longest and the ones for the roller-coasters are the shortest.”

And for those on a budget, be aware that admission to the park already costs €47.

You are allowed to bring a picnic lunch. Once lunch is over, it’s time for a boat ride across the Europa Park Lake.

So what do visitors enjoy most?

Visitor One: It’s walking in the park, seeing all these beautiful decors that are represented.
Visitor Two: I like it here, especially the Blue Fire: it’s really fast.
Visitor Three: Sevastol
Reporter: Why?
Visitor Three: Because of the adrenaline rush: all that speed.
Visitor Four: It’s the best park I know.

The theme park attracts some five million visitors a year, including of course, lots of youngsters.

At the end of my tour, I’ll try out Super Splash Atlantica, one of the most popular summer rides. You have to be prepared to get a bit wet.

Reporter: Okay, as you can see, I’m soaking wet, but that’s fine on such a hot day.

I’m going to dry out in the sun, so bye-bye from Europa Park.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The biggest attraction in Europa Park is Blue Fire, a roller-coaster. True or false? What is that climax of Blue Fire?

2. Is Europa Park small, medium-sized or very large? Is it easy or difficult to navigate?

3. There are only rides in Europa Park. Is this right or wrong? Why is it called Europa Park? What was shown in the Spanish area?

4. According to the theme park expert, should you “follow the crowd”?

5. Is the park cheap, medium-priced or expensive? Are they doing good business?

6. Do the guests enjoy Europa Park? Do they have the same favorite attractions?

7. Should people ride Super Splash Atlantica in December and January?


A. I have been to theme parks or amusement parks. Yes or no?

B. What is your favorite amusement park? Describe it.

C. Have theme parks become more popular in over the decades?

D. Would you like to work in a theme park?

E. Do you have any ideas for a new theme park or new attractions?

F. What will happen in the future?


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