escape artist

The Escape Artist



act fragile dangerous
guys ankle serious
wrist neck escape
sand cover pound (3)
risk worth bury me alive
bury alive cross (2)
hope afraid fingers crossed
finger talent oh my gosh







Howie: Hi.
Damian Aditya: Hi.
Howie: What’s your name?
Damian Aditya: My name is Damian.
Howie: What are you going to be doing here tonight?
Damian Aditya: We have a dangerous act that I want to show you guys.
Howie: How long have you been doing this?
Damian Aditya: This one is the second one.
Howie: So you’ve only done it once? And this is a very dangerous escape act?
Damian Aditya: Yes.
Howie: Why? What could happen?
Simon: He could die.
Damian Aditya: …Yes…
Howie: You’re being serious?
Damian Aditya: Serious. I’ll be locked up from ankle to wrist to neck, with only a fragile cover above me. I have two minutes to escape before 900 pounds of sand above that cross the cover and bury me alive.
Howie: It’s worth risking your life for this?
Damian Aditya: For America’s Got Talent? Yes.
Howie: You have a family?
Damian Aditya: My wife is watching from the side. And probably she isn’t going to look because she is always afraid about everything.
Howie: Your wife is very beautiful. You have any children.
Damian Aditya: No, but hopefully after this, I’m going to start a family with my wife.

Fingers crossed.

Howie: Good luck.
Damian Aditya: Thank you.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Howie: It’s 900 pounds of sand.
Simon: I think it’s worse than mortar.
Heidi: He’s got that thing around his neck too. He’s going to close that — Look.
Mel B: Oh my gosh.
Howie: He’s going to be buried alive.
Mel B: Oh my gosh — what’s wrong?
Howie: Is that a problem?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Escape Artist. According to Damian, his act is safe. True or false? What might happen to him?

Magician, Illusionist. Has he done this many times before?

Acrobat, Gymnast. Is Damian married? Does he have any children? Does he want to have children?

Dancer, Break Dancer.
Was his wife very enthusiastic and excited about his performance, or was she very worried and scared?

Singer, Opera Singer.
Damian sang and danced. Is this right or wrong? Describe the performance.

The performance went according to plan. Everything happened as expected. Everything went perfectly. Is this correct or incorrect?

What happened in the end?

Juggler. How did the audience and judges feel? How did they react? How did the judges vote?


Unicyclist. Did you experience different emotions throughout the performance? How did you feel?

Martial Artist. What will happen to Damian now?

Strong Man. I have seen magic shows and performances, live. Yes or no?

Trapeze Artist. Are magic performances and shows popular?

Dog Handler. If you could perform magic, what would you do? If I could perform magic, I would . . .

Balancing Artist.
Are talent shows and competitions popular?


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