escape artist

The Escape Artist



escape chain (2) optimistic
try stage (2) trolley (2)
get out mailbag at this stage
drag place (2) world record
stuck audition intention
pull count (3) ambulance






Simon: Your name is . . . .
Nicky Flash from Blackpool.

Escape from politics will be done today: I will be chained up in a mailbag. I’m trying to get out in thirty seconds.

Ant and Dec: Trolley. Your trolley.

Simon: I’m going to tell you at this stage, Nicky, I’m not optimistic — but off you go.
Nicky Flash: Thank you. I need some ladies to help me.

I’m going to be placed in this mailbag; I’ll come out in thirty seconds, a world record.

Start counting to thirty seconds, dear.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Nicky Flash: I can’t get out! Get me out.

Ant and Dec: I think he’s stuck.
Amanda Holden: He can’t get out.
Simon: Oh god.
Amanda Holden: Help him.
Piers Morgan: Lots of comedy, but it’s not for the right reasons.
Simon: No, it’s not intentional.
Nicky Flash: You, pull me out.

Simon: Get the ambulance out . . . Guys just drag him off.

Ant and Dec: You alright there?

Simon: Worse day of auditions I’ve ever, ever, ever done in my life.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Nicky had a lot of props and equipment with him on stage. True or false?

2. In the beginning, was there a mistake or mishap? What happened?

3. In the beginning, was Simon the judge very confident in Nicky’s performance?

4. Nicky performed alone on the stage. Is this right or wrong?

5. What did he say he was going to do?

6. Did Nicky succeed in his feat?

7. What happened in the end?


A. I liked Nicky’s performance. Yes or no?

B. I have seen escape performances.

C. “Bad” performances are funnier (and even better) than talented ones. What do you think?

D. What will happen to Nicky?

E. What are some things you and your friends would like to “escape” from?

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