emotion squre public

Honest, Primary, Mental

Circle, Future, Private



muddy honest dishonest
primary secondary psychological
physical emotional circular/circle
square triangle mental
past present future
public private proud
round rectangle flat (2)


Muddy, Honest, Dishonest, Primary, Secondary

1. Do children like to play in muddy playgrounds? Kids like to play when playgrounds are muddy. Yes or no? Did you like to play with mud?

2. I want to deal only with honest sales people and businesses. True or false? Describe an honest business or sales people.

3. Can you tell if a person or business is dishonest? Have you dealt with dishonest people or businesses? Describe it.

4. I enjoy(ed) my primary (elementary) school. I have fond memories of my primary school. Yes or no, or yes and no, in-between? What did you do in primary school?

5. secondary (high) school was the best time of my life. What do you think? What did you do in secondary school? What happened in secondary school?

Psychological, physical, emotional, mental

6. About 80% of people’s physical well being (health) is psychological or mental. 80% of our physical health is psychologically and mentally based. Do you agree?

7. Have you taken psychological tests? Are job interviews really psychological tests?

8. Physical fitness is big business. Physical fitness is a big industry. True or false? Give examples.

9. Our emotional states can either enslave or empower us. What do you think?

10. What is more mentally challenging, doing math and physics, or surviving and succeeding in the real world?

11. Do people buy based on reason or emotion? Do people buy on an rational or emotional basis?

Circular, circle, square, triangle, round, flat

12. Is the layout or form of your city center circular or square? What’s in your city square? In my city square, there are….

13. Describe the typical love story. Have you been involved in a love triangle?

14. What is the poverty cycle or poverty circle? Describe a poverty cycle.

15. Describe the dinning table of King Arthur and his knights. Why was it this way? Describe the shape of the earth. Did people always believe this?

16. I prefer to live in flat territory; I don’t like hilly grounds. True or false? What do bicyclists think?

Past, present, future, public, private, proud

17. I would like to visit the past in a time machine. Is this correct or wrong? What would you like to see? Would you like to visit the future?

18. Was life in the past easier or more difficult than the present? Which is more interesting? Which was more colorful?

19. The future will be better and more exciting and interesting than the present. Do you agree? What will the future be like?

20. What are the differences between private schools and public schools? Are publicly own companies the same as privately run companies?

21. I share my private information with other people. I disclose my private information online. Yes or no? Do you anyone who likes to tell their private details?

22. What accomplishments are you proud of? I am proud of…… Who feels very proud? Do know anyone who feels very proud?

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