Emotional Freedom Technique
An Introduction


Vocabulary from the video


pain diagnosis multiple sclerosis
allergy version acupuncture
needle ailment address (2)
trauma emphasis up to date
grief intuitively guilty/guilt
vein show up contribute
keep stand out blood pressure
tight case (2) medication
treat symptom underline (2)
zero in meridians on the other hand
flow stun (2) speechless
tend blow (2) keep getting
subtle resolve innovation
subside migraine overweight
heal ancient established
fade forefront dust it off
ground high rise ground floor
spine compress operation
hay surgery devastate
entire Tylenol abundance
rely response I can’t take it
cure issue (2) disability (2)
bound session social security
trauma incurable jumping jacks
finger draw (2) astonishing
sick clump microscope
murky swamp wheelchair
prick stimulate go through (2)
degree tear (2) tear apart
tend nutrition supplement
allow suspend arm-crutches
shame core (2) addiction
chronic fatigue hands down
crave concrete post traumatic stress disorder
miracle insomnia manual (2)
accept genuine anti-depressant
fear intense walk of life
block capacity suspend my disbelief






Woman One: “Pain was in every part of my body, for many years. I stopped needing a doctor.

Man One: “I was diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. They cannot find any traces of it in my body.”

Woman Two: “I had over 80 allergies, and I was allergic to the world basically. I am not allergic to anything; I can eat anything I want.”

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. And it’s an emotional version of acupuncture. except we don’t use needles.

Instead we address emotional issues.

The emotional contributor to disease, ailments and physical things is *far* greater than the emphasis that’s been given to it to date.

All of us know intuitively that if we’re carrying around angers and griefs and guilts and traumas, it shows up physically.

If someone is really angry, their stomach is tight, maybe their veins stand out around their neck. Their blood pressure goes up. Emotions cause physical things.

But if you keep that body for a long period of time, now you’re looking at diseases.

Dr. Eric B. Robbins, M.D. Urologist: You know in my own case, I got tired of giving medications, which would treat the symptoms but really address what I though was the underlying problem.

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT on the other hand, zeros in right on it, and that’s why I think we get results when nothing else will.

Dr. Eric B. Robbins, M.D. Urologist: It’s possible to clear emotional issues that at a deep enough level that physical healing results.

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: Acupuncture relies on the fact that there are subtle energies that run throughout the body called meridians. If they are not flowing well, the body’s health do no do well.

And what I found was something very stunning: if we stimulate these meridians, tapping on them with our fingertips, that tends to balance things out and people that would have an intense emotional issue, it would just fade. Sometimes it would happen in minutes.

Once you start taking care of these emotional issues and doing it correctly, really resolving them, physical things start to subside as well.

Colleen Barrett, Sales Rep — Nutraceuticals: “Immediately I could control my pain levels.

Lindsay Kenny, Life Coach: I cannot think of one case it did not work on a migraine.

Susan Phillips, Management Consultant: My migraine was gone in ten minutes.

Robin Alexander, EFT Client: I don’t have diabetes anymore; I don’t have to check my blood anymore. I gave my blood meter to my sister whose cat has diabetes because he’s overweight.

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: What we’ve really done is taken a very ancient, very well established process, the ancient Chinese way of going about healing.

We’ve dusted it off, and we’ve added an innovation or two, and this is a new forefront, we’re on the ground floor of new healing high-rise.

Hank Hadlly, EFT Client: When I was 10 years old I fell down of a 20 foot hay chute. I fell on the same position on a concrete landing, compressed my spine.

I underwent my first back operation in 1971, the second one in 1972, a third one in 1979, a fourth one in 1984, a fifth one in 1992, and a sixth 2002.

With each surgery the pain just got worse. I lived in pain my entire life. I lived on Tylenol with codeine four; I took them like candy.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which was another devastating blow. And my response to that was, “God, how much can I take?”

I was totally wheelchair bound for four years.

EFT brought me out of the wheelchair, put me on arm crutches, which my doctor said would never happen. I went from arm crutches to giving up social security, disability to going back to work.

Dr. Eric B. Robbins, M.D. Urologist: I see EFT cure things that are incurable all the time.

Hank Hadlly, EFT Client: When it comes to MS, I’m completely cured. It’s gone. It’s nonexistent in my body.

I’m 54 and I’m doing jumping jacks now.

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: I’m not saying we can cure everything in a minute or two, in a session or two and so on, some takes a lot longer than others, but we get astonishing results, often.

Dr. Patricia Lelici, CN, MDA, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition: So what we’re going to do is take a finger prick of blood from a few different people. We’re going to take a look at it under a dark field microscope, and actually look at what their live blood looks like.

A person that healthy will have life blood like clean flowing river. And a sick person, clumping, and just a murky swamp.

Of those six people, three had blood pictures that looked like they had health issues that needed to be addressed.

So we had those three people go through five minutes of EFT.

We drew their blood again, looked at it, and saw just totally different blood pictures.

No sign of clumping. I was speechless. When I could think again I thought of going home, take all my certificates, my degrees that took years to complete . . . and tear them apart. Let’s learn about EFT.

Normally as a nutritionist, I would have put you on two, three months of mineral supplementation — but EFT five minutes.

Dr. Eric B. Robbins, M.D. Urologist: People on the outside, they look at some of the things we do as miracles. But I’m not really a miracle at all.

It’s just that the body will tend to heal itself, if it’s energies are allowed to flow. The biggest thing that blocks that flow is how emotional issues and past traumas are held in the body.

EFT Practitioners: So we’re getting to the core, that’s why you can use it for anything: addiction issues, shame issues, vision issues, chronic fatigues, fear of flying, craving, diabetes, post traumatic stress disorder, abundance, it was easy to lose weight, public speaking, insomnia, performing in any capacity,

You can go from zero desire to hot and ready.

For the first time, I can truly and genuinely like myself, love myself, have acceptance.

Hank Hadlly, EFT Client: People ask me what kind of antidepressants I’m on; and I say EFT.

Carol Look, LCSW, DCH, EFT Practitioner: I do believe anything is possible now because I’ve seen it.

One that was really fun to do was the vision experiment: 75% had an improvement in their vision. I keep getting emails from people. By the way Carol, I’m not using my glasses to look at the piano music anymore.

Dr. Eric B. Robbins, M.D. Urologist: EFT is the best thing I’ve found, hands down.

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: One of the best things about EFT is that it’s easy to learn by anyone.

Hank Hadlly, EFT Client: EFT gave me the tools to cure myself.

Lindsay Kenny, Life Coach: And now I’ve seen over 2000 clients, of every walk of life, on every imaginable problem, with about a 98% maybe 99% success rate. And it’s not me, it’s EFT.

Colleen Barrett, Sales Rep — Nutraceuticals: I thought, well I don’t know if I believe this, but what if I just suspended my disbelief.

Gary Craig, Founder: Emotional Freedom Technique: Well the manual is a free download on our website, because I want the world to know how to do it.

Do you want any more than that?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


stress, Depression, Panic Attack.
This video is about philosophy and religion. Is this entirely true, mostly true, in the middle, yes and no, partially true, false, or completely false?

Disease, Ailment, Illness.
Is there a relationship, link, or connection between emotions and physical well-being? Can chronic stress cause diseases?

Diabetes. What did the doctor say about medication?

Overweight, Obese.
Is EFT ancient, modern, or a combination of both? What does the man say about acupuncture, energy, meridians, balance, and flow?

Arteriosclerosis. What did the woman with diabetes say? Tell the story about the former farm boy. Was everything is cured in a few minutes?

Benign, Malignant Tumor. Healthy and ill individuals have the same blood profile. Is this correct or incorrect? Is blood profile set and fixed, permanently?

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Senility. Somebody said “I tore them up”. What did she mean?

Can or does the human body heals itself naturally? Is this always the case?

Backache, Back Pain.
According to the the video, is EFT limited in its application? What about vision?

Cavities, Tooth Decay.
Is EFT very complicated to learn?
Cure, Heal, Relief. Have you heard of EFT or acutapping before?

Calm, Relaxed. My friend has had acupuncture treatments. Yes or no?

Fit and Trim.
Is alternative or traditional medicine popular?

Good Night’s Sleep. What might happen in the future?

Peace of Mind, Happiness. How can people cure themselves and remain healthy?

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