The Elliptical Machine, 1




muscle ellipses buy/bought/bought
burn get/got/got run/ran/ran (2)
buddy impact lose/lost/lost (2)
hip (2) shoulder as soon as possible
result free (3) good/better/best
knee workout calf/calves (2)
bicep triceps resistance (2)
pull replicate calorie (2)
incline try/tried glutes/gluteus maximus
ton comfort go/went/gone
zone interval comfort zone
fan (2) train (2) interval training
quad push (2) find/found/found
weight joint (3)







I’m Holly Del Rosso.

And this is what muscles do ellipticals work. Ellipticals are one of my favorite machines because it replicates running or walking. So any machine that replicates a natural movement you’re gonna burn more calories.

And also this machine is impact free, so if you have any joint problems, if you have any knee or hip problems, this machine is gonna be your best buddy.

It works your glutes it works your quads. It works your calves it’s also working your arms, so you have your shoulders working in there, your biceps and your triceps.

When you’re on the elliptical really try to push yourself: get the resistance up, get the incline up. Go past your comfort zone. I am a big fan of interval training, so if you can do interval training on the elliptical, you’re gonna have the best results and burn a ton of calories.

So find an elliptical machine and your gym or buy one for your house, and get on it as soon as possible because it’s a great machine for your body to lose weight you.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Head. The presenter was in a department store. True or false?

Neck. Does the elliptical machine simulate (mimic, imitate) swimming?

Shoulders. If you use the elliptical machine, will you suffer from sore ankles, back pain or knee injuries?

Body. Does the presenter only speak or did she demonstrate the usage of the elliptical machine? Did she show how to use the elliptical machine?

Chest. In addition to an elliptical machine, people also need to exercise with a treadmill, stationary bicycle and rowing machine. Is this right or wrong?

Stomach. Does the elliptical machine provide only a light, easy workout?

Back. Can the elliptical machine be used in conjunction with other exercise modalities or programs? Can the machine be combined with other exercise systems?

Arms. The elliptical machine is ideal for those who want to build big muscles. Is this correct or incorrect?

Hands. The only way to use an elliptical machine is to visit a gym or fitness center. Yes or no?
Fingers. My friends and I exercise three times a week. Yes or no?

Thumb. Have you been part of an exercise or fitness program, club or organization?

Buttocks. Are there gyms or fitness centers in your town or city? Are they popular?

Legs. My friends and I have exercise equipments at home. True false?

Knees. People are very health conscious. They are keen on physical fitness. Yes, no, some are, some aren’t.

Calves. Have things changed over the years?

Foot, Feet. What might happen in the future?

Toes. Do more people need to exercise and eat properly? What should people, the government and schools do?

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