electronics department store

The Department Store



copywriter recently move
want buy sell
fruit vegetable juice
juicer well (2) well-known
appliance department department store
couple (2) section look around
browse model (2) different
same several assistance
although sales person none
pay attention pay attention
help desk inform interest (2)
purchase send/sent send over
right (4) right away aisle
wait make (2) make/made
once twice again
march (3) shirt uniform
stand around (2) shoot
desk breeze shooting the breeze
chat joke laugh
point (3) at that point storm
storm out let’s another
place palace tomorrow
yesterday today drive/drove/driven
drive away breakfast lunch
dinner dinnertime just (3)
area (2) opposite experience
great customer service
order hard (2) soft
shell crab neither
can/could open close (2)
waitress patient (2) demonstrate (2)
fork spoon hang/hung
hang of it wait part
illustrate (2) already really
care even (2) successful
employee employer unemployed
rule thumb rule of thumb
someone try/tried give
take never never ever
easy difficult always
fact competitive competition
more less than ever before
choice product produce
recession only not only that
tight loose yet
client entrepreneur run for the hills
hill unwittingly blow/blew/blown
spot on the spot anti-
pro- attitude behavior
lose win


A Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Bob and his wife had recently moved to a new home. Wanting to buy a new fruit and vegetable juicer, they went to a well-known home appliance and electronics department store.

The couple then went over to the juicer section and browsed at the different makes and models. After several minutes, they looked around for assistance. Although there were many sales persons, none of them paid any attention to them.

The Help Desk

So Bob went over to the help desk. He informed the young woman sitting there of his interest in purchasing a juicer.

“No problem” she said. “I will send someone over right away.”

Bob returned to aisle — and waited. He and his wife were set on buying a $246 model.

Ten minutes later, still no one came.

Once Again

Bob marched back to the young woman sitting at the help desk…

This time he saw three blue-shirt-uniformed salesmen standing around her desk shooting the breeze (chatting, joking, laughing).

At that point Bob and his wife stormed out of the store. “Let’s go to another place tomorrow,” he said as they drove away.

Chinese Restaurant

As it was dinnertime, they stopped at a Chinese restaurant. It was new to them because they had just moved to the area.

Here, a waitress greeted them and brought them to a table. She explained what the various dishes were and made recommendations. Bob’s son had ordered a hard-shell crab. But when it came, neither he or Bob could open it.

The Crab

The waitress demonstrated to the son how to open it with a fork and spoon. She waited until he got the hang of it, and then showed him what parts were okay to eat and which were not. And she always asked what she could do for them.

“Let’s come back next Saturday!” said Bob’s son.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Always and Never

This anecdote illustrate what many people already know: many workers don’t really care about their customers, their businesses, or even their jobs.

A successful businessman once told his employees this rule of thumb: When someone is trying to give you money, NEVER EVER make it difficult for them to do so. ALWAYS make it easy for them to give you money.

Fierce Competition

The fact is business is more competitive than ever. Consumers have more choices for products and services than ever before. Not only that, but the recession has made them tighter with their dollars.

Anti-Service Attitude

And yet when client walk in the door or pick up the phone, so many entrepreneurs send them running for the hills. They are unwittingly blowing the sale on the spot.

With their anti-service attitude and behavior, many business people today are losing out to online shopping.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Who is Bob?

2. Bob and his wife had moved to a new home recently. True or false?

3. What did they decide to do one day?

4. Did they receive attentive service?

5. What did Bob do?

6. Were there many or few sales persons in the department store?

7. What did Bob see the second time he went to the help desk?

8. Bob and his wife bought a juice and vegetable juicer at the store. Is this correct or wrong?

9. Did they go to another department store that day?

10. What happened at the restaurant?

11. What does this anecdote illustrate: this anecdote illustrates that….

12. What was the business rule of thumb? The business rule of thumb is….

13. There is lots of competition — there’s too much competition in everything. Do you agree?

14. What is the future trend?
A. Are you or your friend a sales person? What is it like?

B. What happens when you go to a department store or any store?

C. Describe the average or typical sales person in your city.

D. Do you usually receive good customer service, average, or poor customer service?

E. What kind of sales behavior, method, or technique do you like? Describe great customer service.

F. Have you experienced poor customer service?

G. Customer service influences whether I purchase something from a store. Do you agree?

H. My friends and I prefer to shop online. Yes or no?

I. Will online shopping replace traditional shopping?

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