election corruption

Elections and Corruption




chance progress last ditch effort
effort alliance candidate
vote ditch (2) liberal (2)
pro (2) reach (2) stand/stood/stood (2)
sizable block (2) spark off (2)
wait linchpin government
hope grow up grow/grew/grown (2)
anger tentacle cut/cut/cut
election oligarchy hold/held/held (2)
massive network prosecutor
last (2) judiciary investigate
rise up spark (2) rise/rose/risen (2)
justice chief (3) demonstration
will (3) attempt depends on
host populist opposition


Video: Corruption and Elections



A last ditch effort to reach her voters. Elizaveta is a candidate for A Democratic Bulgaria, an alliance of pro-Europeans and liberals standing a good chance of being a sizable block in these elections.

Elizabeta Belobradova, Democrat Bulgaria Candidate: “What we are first trying to do is stop corruption, because corruption in the country is an enormous, enormous problem.

People are waiting for and wanting a new government. And we’ll do everything we can.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

So what do Bulgarians want in their second attempt at voting?

Male Voter, One: “I want what everyone else wants: less corrupt politicians.”
Female Voter, Two: “I hope that people grow up, and get some real change.”
Female Voter, Three: “The first thing to do is cut the tentacles of corruption.”

A lot of this anger is directed at the chief prosecutor of this country, who many hold as the linchpin in the corrupt networks of politicians, oligarchs and the judiciary.

Citizen, One: “We finally want a chief prosecutor who will investigate the real crimes, and not try to protect the mafia.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

This small progress party’s program is in its name: Rise up, Mafia out. It sparked off last year’s massive demonstrations and the will for change.

Nikolay Hadjigenov, Rise Up, Mafia Out: “We have to change the justice system, all the justice system; all the police departments, because in Bulgaria we have no justice, we have no democracy.”

Whether that change will really come depends on the biggest opposition party, the populist “There is Such a People” of Talk show host and singer, Slavi Trifonov.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Politics. Elizaveta was on the streets, passing out fliers, and trying to get people to dine in her restaurant. True or false?

Government. In Bulgaria, is corruption endemic, a serious problem, a major problem, in the middle, a slight problem or no problem at all?

Capital. Average Bulgarian say they wants higher taxes for the rich, lower taxes for the middle and working classes, and better education and health care. Is this right or wrong?

President, Prime Minister. Are people solely against the prime minister?

Governor. Does the “mafia” only exist in Sicily and Calabria? Is the mafia in Bulgaria the same as the classical mafia?

Mayor. Have there been protests and demonstrations against the system?

Legislature, Parliament, Congress, Senate. The most viable opposition figure is a lawyer and parliamentarian. Is this correct or incorrect?
Justice System, Judiciary. Corruption is a major concern or problem in my town, city and country. Yes or no?

Bureau, Department, Ministry. Can you give examples of corrupt practices?

Bureaucracy, Red Tape. How do people feel about corruption? What do they think and say about it? Are there lots of debates and discussions about it?

Bribery. Why is there corruption? Why does corruption exist?

Embezzlement. What might happen in the future?

Waste, Mismanagement. What changes would people like to see? What are the solutions to corruption?

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