El Dorado




lie (2) Vatican lead/led/led (2)
Inca league (3) know/knew/known
prison imprison conquistador
huge ransom find/found/found
decide promise double-cross
accuse arrange according to
excuse murder do away with him
flee let him go make/made/made
regular follow (2) pay/paid/paid
jungle countless hide/hid/hidden
rest (2) similarity get/got/got
explore obsession come/came/come
search relegate mysterious
myth exchange hide/hid/hidden
suggest discover extraordinary
archive base (2) archaeologist
guess mention square (3)
search revitalize generation
site (2) artificial remaining
legend capital (3) commission
feature satellite hold/held/held
secret pass over think/thought/thought (2)
expect location date back to
shape pass (3) believe (2)






A new lead suggests El Dorado could lie in the lands of the Incas. To them it was known as Paititi.

The legend was born when conquistadors imprisoned the Incan Emperor. In exchange for his freedom he promised a huge gold ransom.

But he was double-crossed.

Gregory Deyermenjian, Explorer: “The Spaniards has decided it was too dangerous to let him go. So they accused him of having arranged the murder of his brother — and made for an excuse to do away with him.”

According to legend his followers flee and hide the remaining gold in their jungle base.

Andrew Gough, Historian: “This is where the legend of Paititi comes from, because the rest of the ransom — it never gets paid.

And the legend tells us that it remains in the city.”

Dr. Martin Pepper, Geologist: “The lost city of Petiti has a lot of similarities with the legend of El Dorado: they could be one of the same.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Andrew Gough, Historian: “Countless explorers have searched for the mysterious City — and the gold that is said to be hidden there.

So many explorers have looked for Paititi, and not found it that over time it’s been relegated as myth or legend.”

Then in 2001, something extraordinary is found.

Erin Lloyd Jones, Archaeologist: “A document was rediscovered in the Vatican archives dating back to 1600. It mentions Paititi by name, and says it’s seven leagues from Cusco.”

Andrew Gough, Historian: “Guess what? It’s not legend. It just might be history.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

And now a new generation of explorers is using technology to revitalize the search.

Thierry Jarmin, Explorer: “Is it an obsession? Yes. But I believe we’ve never been so close to finding this site.”

Thierry Jarmin believes the city could be hidden in the jungle north of the Incan capital, Cuzco.

In 2012 Jarmin commissioned a satellite to pass over the location he thinks holds the secret of Paititi.

Thierry Jarmin, Explorer: “We weren’t expecting to find a mountain with such regular features. We’ve actually asked ourselves if this square shaped mountain was 100% artificial or 100% natural.

Jarmin thinks this square shaped mountain is the location of the legendary city of Paititi.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Peru. In this video, one person the narrator, spoke the whole time. Only one person spoke throughout the video. True or false?

Bolivia. Were the conquistadors good or bad men? What did they do? Were they honest?

Did the Spaniards get all the Incan gold? What may have happened to the Incan gold?

Brazil. Nobody cares about El Dorado or Paititi. Is this right or wrong? Why have many people been interested in it? Has El Dorado become famous?

Ecuador. Did researchers find a documentary video in a museum?

Chile. Explorer Thierry Jarmin used a metal detector to try to find Paititi. Is this correct or incorrect?

Venezuela. Did they find a volcano? Does Jarmin feel optimistic or pessimistic? Does he feel excited or disappointed?
Argentina. Have you heard of El Dorado? What is El Dorado? What do you think of El Dorado?

Uruguay. Are there legends of lost cities in your region or country?

Paraguay. Have there been discoveries of gold and other hidden treasures?

Guatemala. I would like to explore South America. I would like to visit South America. Yes or no?

Costa Rica. What might happen in the future?

Honduras. Should archaeologists and explorers be allowed to hunt for gold and other treasures or should they be left alone?

El Salvador. What should people do if they find lost treasures?

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