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belly right (3) obviously
so far actually sacrilegious
whirl discover convenient
camel postcard sense (2)
serene survival lifeblood
cheesy garbage motorboat
plus kind of make sense
fun hilarious drive around
bunch area (2) definitely
cave Coptic break (2)
hope endure otherwise
faith feature overcome
dump amazing souvenir
iconic citadel user-friendly
icon mummy obstacle
robe stun (2) stunning
cover trinket it’s worth it
touch jet out buy/bought/bought
maze century see you later
end up get lost lose/lost/lost






Here’s my Top 10 list of things you must do while vising Cairo.

First of all you have to see dancing: belly dancing and whirling Dervishes.

Obviously, Egypt is all about the pyramids. So you’ve got to go there.

So far there have actually been 138 pyramids discovered throughout Egypt. But the Giza Pyramids are right outside Cairo. So those are the ones we visited because they’re super convenient to get to.

Right across the road is a KFC and Pizza Hut. There’s something very sacrilegious about that.

Oh sure it’s cheesy…but you’ve GOT TO take a camel ride.

“She gave you a postcard?”
“I’ll need to give it back now; otherwise she come back to me for money.”

If you take these small motorboats called falukas on the Nile it’s just very peaceful and serene and a nice break from the heat.

Plus this river has been the lifeblood of Egypt for thousands of years. So seeing Cairo from the water just kind of makes sense.

I think just driving around in a taxi is hilarious…and crazy…and a lot of fun — so definitely have to do that.

In the Coptic area there are a bunch of historical and beautiful churches. My favorites were actually the Cave Churches which are in the middle of the Cairo garbage dump.

It’s just an amazing story of hope and enduring faith and overcoming obstacles. These churches touch some many lives which is so amazing to go and visit them.

I don’t think it’s very user friendly, but the Egyptian Museum does have a lot of mummies.

The Citadel is one of the iconic structures of Cairo. And the inside will not disappoint. It’s beautiful and stunning. If you’re a female, you may end up having to wear and green robe to cover up.

But it’s worth it…it’s just very peaceful.

Before you jet out, you have to buy souvenirs in the Hanaholele Souk, which dates back to the fourteenth century.

And even if you don’t want any of the trinkets or postcards, just going and getting lost in the maze is worth it.

Thanks for watching another one of my videos. See you later.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. What was the video about?

2. It was numerically organized and presented. Yes or no?

3. Name the ten things or activities on the narrator’s list.

4. What is Egypt most famous for? How many have been discovered? Did she visit all of them?

5. Are there only old, traditional and historical places and structures in Egypt?

6. The host mentioned three rides. What three rides did she recommend?

7. The Nile River is very important (essential) for Egypt. Is this true or false? Why is the Nile River vital for Egypt?

8. Is Egypt an entirely Muslim country?

9. What can you see in the Egyptian Museum?

10. Females can wear skirts and shorts in the Citadel. Is this correct or wrong?

11. What is the Hanaholele Souk? What can visitors do there?


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