Ancient Egypt

Pictures, one




flood pyramid step pyramid
nuts Red Sea Pyramids of Giza
royal treasure Nile River
tomb King Tut Valley of Kings
curse desert Tutankhamen
resort bazaar Great Pyramid
sand falafel shawarma
kofte pharaoh marketplace
dam hustle brassware
robe boat ride ferry boat
scam mosque Luxor Temple
dates chamber sarcophagus
resort mummy Sinai Peninsula
palm columns Nile Delta
camel Bedouin teahouse
spices Sphinx dried fruits
melons river cruise


Here are some pictures. Answer the following questions for each.

1. What is this? This is a . . . . .

2. Where is this place? This is a . . . . .

3. Describe the weather. What season is this? What month is it?

4. Who is this person? He is . . . . . She is a . . . . . They are . . . . .

5. What is she doing? What’s he doing? What are they doing? He is . . . . . .

6. How does he feel? He is . . . . . . .

7. What will happen next? They will . . . . .



The Pyramids of Giza


The Sphinx Pyramid Diagram


A Passage in a Pyramid Luxor Temple


Abu Simbel Temple The Valley of the Kings Complex


Inside the Valley of Kings Complex Hieroglyphs


The Egyptian Museum Egyptian Antiquities


Statues of a King and Queen Egyptian Statue


Mummy Display Miniature Statues


Golden Objects A Gold Pharaoh’s Mask


Early Egyptology


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