eft law of attraction

EFT and the

Law of Attraction


David Childerly combines EFT and the Law of Attraction


welcome coach personal
during session focus
law attractive attract
put out come back around (2)
guise technique strange
at first science scientific
prove/proof guarantee process
light (2) tap stimulate
key (2) acupuncture point (3)
while particular thing (2)
achieve great balance
energy create emotion
well well-being right (3)
state (2) state of mind need
very simple tip
finger follow as follows
start eyebrow time
times (2) corner eye
bone under nose
middle chin use
finger collar bone
collarbone couple (2) bound (2)
hit last palm
hand armpit inch
foot/feet (2) understand universe
universal really simple
more less way
positive negative constant
stuff moan whinge
everything little weather
spoil debt ill
health potentially happen
situation maybe act
sometimes quite brain
important part play (2)
deliver belief it doesn’t matter
no such thing wrong support
limit hold hold you back (2)
eliminate enhance forward
move create dream (2)
always want interesting
story village friend
hill hall thousand
mirror happy happy-go-lucky
luck decide venture
wag tail excited
notice (2) back (2) think/thought (2)
great place visit
regularly another hear/heard
check (2) check it out however
quite tip (2) tiptoe
stairs edge (2) caution
stage (2) growl like
scared ran horrible
never routine help
through choice decision
now after repeat after me
choose release vibes
judge (2) harsh even though
accept behavior limit
future successful finance
relationship easy manage
enjoy company (2) everyone
world change (2) different
health at the moment let go
wake up tomorrow opportunity
direct (2) look into look at
daily basis surprise
effort effortless search
confident everything communicate
enthusiastic inspire talk to myself
inner inner voice congratulate
best friend vibration vibes
heart adult deep (2)
breath deep breath good luck





1. Give examples of the Law of Attraction, what goes around comes around; what you put out there, you get back.

2. This procedure looks ordinary. Yes or no?

3. This balances our energy and emotional state. Yes or no?

4. How many times do you tap each point?

5. What are the acupuncture points?

6. What are the two main types of beliefs? How does it affect our lives?

7. When we focus on something………

8. Tell the story of the dog.

9. During the tapping, the speaker only talked about positive things. True or false?

10. What are some aspects that he mentioned during the session?

11. What are the last things that he said?

12. Did you notice any changes or differences?

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