eft fear of success

EFT for Fear of Success


Dr. Carol Look shows how to eliminate the fear of success.


self-growth found (2) master (2)
attract abundance fear
clear downside afraid
perceive sabotage get in the way
block (3) workshop (2) muscle through
try muscle think/thought/thought
mind scale thought process
target statement tune in
feel point (3)
loud out loud tap
choose/chose/chosen reduce step (2)
frustrate physical release
limit version the sky’s the limit
usual as usual let’s get started
phrase repeat repeat after me
deep deeply profoundly
eyebrow scare get in the way
collarbone criticize stand out
typical breath take a deep breath
respond jealous key (2)
deserve karate chop still (2)
no wonder surprise feels good





1. The main purpose of this video to overcoming the fear of success. True or false?

2. It’s strange that people may have a fear of success. What do you think?

3. Are there downsides to achieving success? If yes, give examples.

4. Can a fear or downside of success sabotage or block our efforts?

5. Do people often have mixed feelings about success?

6. How can a fear of success be solved or eliminated?

7. People rate their fears on a ten-point scale then try to reduce it. Yes or no?

8. Why do many people feel frustrated?

9. What is the set up statement? Even though….

10. Name the tapping points.

11. Name some fears of success.

12. Should people do just one round of tapping?

13. The tapping is divided into two parts. What are they?
A. Do you have any fears of success?

B. My friend has some fears of success. Yes or no? If yes, what are they?

C. If you eliminated your fear of success, what could you do?

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