eft cravings

EFT for Cravings


Dr. Carol Look applies EFT to neutralize cravings.


live (2) heart (3) the heart of NY
cure fear migraine
pain touch finger
tune tune in ancient
secret already palm
hold host New Year
work out resolution New Year’s Resolution
weight gain weight lose weight
quit quit smoking for many of us
willpower though try
kick habit kick the habit
patch gum something
emotion freedom stress
relief base based on
tradition acupuncture expert
needle actually tap
motion point meridian
circuit body electricity
pass along travel
crave choose calm
create engineer in addition
tout curtail phobia
anger pain pain management
depression although hope
healthy author attract
abundance welcome practice
practitioner particular treat
particularly ailment cynic
package (2) sort of move
based on medicine congestion
conflict symptom overeat
anxiety resolve describe
without tummy reason
successful protection target
set up statement take us through
prepare truth higher
even though deep (2) complete
accept anyway neutral
neutralize argue shame
hate hurt sabotage
supposed to positive negative
admit dominant dominant hand
series connect carry
side under eye
nose chin underneath
collar collarbone often
absolutely how often getting interesting
primary secondary each other
relax soothe less
stress think (2) think about it
drain immune immune system
shoulder common back pain
client concern contribute
focus tend





1. The setting of this video is a TV talk show. True or false?

2. What is the main idea of the video?

3. When do you think this show was produced?

4. Some problems they mention were……

5. What were some solution?

6. Rob is 20 years old. Do you think so?

7. At what age did Rob start smoking?

8. Does Rob wants to continue or quit smoking. Yes or no?

9. Is EFT based on modern beliefs and philosophies?

10. The modern techniques of EFT was developed by a psychologist. True or false?

11. How does EFT differ from acupuncture?

12. How does EFT work? (meridians, conflict, energy, tap, endpoints, circuits, clear, clean, congestion, energy system).

13. Who can use EFT?

14. Is Carol Look an engineer?

15. What causes overeating, smoking, anxiety, according to Dr. Look?

16. In the set up, do people say, I eat good food or I don’t smoke?

17. If someone is overweight, he taps on his stomach. Yes or no?

18. What are the eight endpoints?

19. What do the meridians do?

20. People have stomachaches or backaches because unresolved emotion conflicts are stored there. Yes or no?

21. The harder you tap, the better. Yes or no?

22. Does EFT only work for smoking and sugar addiction?

23. Compare the blond woman with the brunette woman. Are they similar to each other?

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