eft back pain

EFT for Back Pain


Jessica demonstrates EFT for back pains.


tap honest round (2)
host show (2) first hand
visual point (3) make sure
dive swallow dive right in (2)
chop set up statement
pain ancient summit (2)
weird state (2) even though
aspect distinct hard to swallow (2)
relief opposite judgement
honor stimulate sound (2)
crease eyebrow doesn’t matter
knot feel (2) temple (2)
trace rest (2) discomfort
strap combine collarbone
width obvious headache
armpit constant frustration
stuck lifestyle repeat after me
sure pretend sacrifice
vent amazing bring up
affirm pleasure incredible
join discover




1. Being a host is a job for Jessica; it’s real work. What do you think?

2. She only talked about EFT theory. True or false?

3. What and where is the first point?

4. EFT in general is a combination of . . . . .

5. In the set up statement, do you state the problem or the solution?

6. How many times do you tap on the karate chop point while saying the statement?

7. Name the eight acutapping points in the video.

8. You must use your right hand and tap on the right side. Yes or no?

9. What does Jessica recommend for more details?

10. There are two main categories to tap on. Is this right or wrong?

11. What are the emotional aspects of physical pain?

12. Many people get stuck or lost because……

13. Jessica advises people to pretend they are with their friend. And then what?

14. Is the exact words you use important?

15. Often do other emotions come up?

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