eft 50000 dollars

EFT for Something Great

Margaret guides viewers to tap for something great.


author secret intention
wealth next round (2)
tap design really
thing bring energy
vibration high (2) low (2)
ready something huge
routine amazing show (2)
show up extra bonus
something about (2) happen
round (2) send about to happen
through roof vibration
law (2) attraction consider
manifest excited anticipate
curious exactly start
chop point (3) even though
kind (2) kind of going along
great grateful cool (2)
lap fall (2) start
already jump up
down on its way deep (2)
breath change (2) take a deep breath
almost wonder technique
career time times
many times career past
need highly encourage
nice deal expect
unexpected collaboration watch (2)
see (2) hope enjoy




1. What is the purpose of this presentation?

2. Margaret only works with Americans. True or false?

3. What have people from around the world said?

4. What is the best vibration or feeling to have?

5. Is this programming the mind? If yes, with what?

6. What happens when this happens? What will Margaret do?

7. Describe the tapping points. Where are the tapping points?

8. What may happen to sales or business people?

9. Describe the scene in the video.

A. Describe something big and unexpected happened to you.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Tapping for $50,000


Margaret demonstrates tapping for more money.


author secret intention
wealth tap love
bring really bring out
heavy (2) negative high
low forget fun
process save savings account
feel safe secure
validate happier whatever
virtue law attraction
mean (2) actively block (3)
receive exact purpose
pick (3) sound (2) absolute
assumption show (2) showing up
try fun funny
substitute use always
start point even though
hand side total/totally
resist really deserve
amount forgive accept
anyway definitely must (2)
mustn’t (2) break (3) rule (2)
walk walk around break the rule
honor through day-in and day-out
pile piling up different
let go grateful allow
breath deep take a deep breath
welcome week see what happens
vibration bubble typical/typically
manifest around (3) bubbling up



1. Who is this person? What is her job? What does she do?

2. What is the purpose of this video?

3. If people saw $50,000 in their saving account, they would feel……

4. Everyone has the same desire to have $50,000. Yes or no?

5. If people don’t see $50 thousand in their saving account, what does that mean?
Why don’t people have the money they desire? Why do people not have $50,000?

6. What do people substitute for resisting, blocking, not being open to, deserving, or receptive to money?

7. What does Margaret mean by “Maybe it breaks some family rule?”

8. Is there only one way to earn $50,000?

9. This is restricted to the world or open to the universe?

10. There are different parts of person, for example one part wants, desires, expects, believes in himself or herself; while another part doesn’t. Yes or no?

11. What does “day in and day out” mean?

12. At the end how must you feel about receiving money?

13. What does she conclude at the end?

A. Can attitudes influence earnings and wealth?

B. Do you feel that you deserve wealth?

C. Are there blocks, barriers, walls, ceilings to achieving wealth? What are they?

D. Do you know people with low-confidence, low-self-esteem; and people with high-confidence and high-self-esteem?

E. Are books, audio, and video programs, seminars, and coaching about making money popular?

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