-ed pronunciation t

Pronunciation of -ed (t)



The Past Simple and Past Participle

With regular verbs, the past simple (verb-1) and past participle (verb-2) forms of the base form end in ed.


   Past Simple Verb = Base Verb + d/ed/ied
   Verb-2 = (Verb-1)-d/-ed/-ied


Base Verb
Past Simple
Past Participle
ed Pronunciation
play played played /d/
work worked worked /t/
want wanted wanted /id/


Note: past participles are also used as adjectives.


Last Saturday, I watched an old movie
Sarah’s cousin has studied Greek for two years
They emailed everyone on the list

Our country doesn’t have enough skilled workers
The dried bananas taste sweet
Most imported goods come from Turkey and China

Pronuciation of -Ed

Howe er the -ed has three different pronunciations depending on the verb:
/d/, /id/, and /t/

In this lesson, we look at the /t/ sound ending.


ask bake attack
bark block book (2)
brush camp change (2)
crash cough cook (2)
clap dance cross (2)






1. Jim asked Nancy to marry him — on the internet. What happened? How did this happen? Is online dating popular?

2. The class went on a picnic in the park (or forest). But they went to another place. Why did they go to another place? (ants attacked) Where do people in your town or city have picnics? Do mosquitoes attack you?

3. Did your mother, aunt or grandmother bake a pie, cake, cookies, pastries or vegetables last Saturday? Have they baked pastries before?

4. Peter was walking in his neighborhood. Suddenly, he was shocked and frightened. Why was he shocked and scared? (barked)

5. “We were late because the street was blocked.” Why was it blocked? Is there anything that is blocking your way to success?

6. Charlie and Linda have booked a hotel room for one week. How did they do this?

7. Laura brushed the dog’s fur. Was she working? Does she earn good money?




8. What did Jack do every summer as a youngster? (camped) Do you go camping every summer? Did you do this as a youngster?

9. Paul and Ryan have changed! What does this mean? Give examples. Have your friends who you haven’t seen for a long time changed? Have your favorite actors, singers and athletes changed?

10. What happened at the talent show? (clapped)

11. What happened last Christmas? (cooked)

12. I had a hard time sleeping last night because I coughed a lot. What is the cure for coughs or the cold?

13. Wayne’s computer crashed this afternoon. Why did it crash? Has your computer crashed or froze

14. Patrick is blind, but he crossed the street safely. How was he able to do this?

15. There was a big festival in the town center. What happened? (danced)



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