Easter Island, 3




vast perhaps considered
Easter interlock archaeology
origin issue (2) relationship
land mystery know/knew/known
isolated narrator in the first place
ground establish penetrate
amount oversize foot/feet (2)
pattern head (3) monument
site model (3) old/older/oldest
analyze millennia many-much/more/the mostisolated
remain megalith tell/told/told
suggest expanse far/further/furthest
ton diversity petroglyph
wide cloud (3) essentially
reveal represent fascinating
huge appear (2) construction
cyclops interlock transmission
island discover think/thought/thought
belief block (3) can’t help it
origin common






NARRATOR: Isolated in the vast expanse of the South Pacific, Easter Island remains a land of mystery. Since its discovery by Europeans in the 18th century,
very little is still known about the people who once lived there or their origins.

But of all the mysteries involving the island, otherwise known as Rapa Nui, the most persistent involve the nearly 900 megalithic statue known as moai — and why they were put here in the first place.

Andrew Collins, Author, Lightquest: “The moai are considered to be no more than perhaps a thousand years old. However, it has been established that some of them penetrate down into the ground by a great amount of feet to reveal the rest of the body, not just the oversized head.

And the amount of patternazation suggests that they are infinitely older than a thousand years and could go back many, many, many millennia.

Hugh Newman, Author, Earth Grids: When you visit Easter Island and you look at the sites there, the statues, the megalithic walls, you realize they’re much older than what, you know, history tells us.

NARRATOR: Further clouding the issue is a discovery that was made in 2017. With the help of photography and 3D modeling programs, archaeologists discovered that the 13-ton stone hats known as pukao. On the Easter Island moai contain a wide diversity of petroglyphs made by what appear to be different groups of people.

Hugh Newman, Author, Earth Grids: The hats that are on top of the Easter Island moai are a little bit of a mystery. But recently they’ve been analyzed, and carvings have been found on them, which has, like, questioned, you know, the idea of what they really represent.

Andrew Collins, Author, Lightquest: Perhaps there is something else going on here. It could well be that a number of different cultures lived on Easter Island.

One of the most fascinating monuments on Easter Island is the stone platform, or ahu, known as Vinapu, and this is a huge megalithic construction that is essentially a wall made of cyclopean megalithic blocks that all interlock with each other.

When you look at this, you cannot help but think of Cusco in Peru, and there has to be a relationship between the two cultures. All of these are part of a much bigger transmission of knowledge where the belief, common belief was an origin amongst the stars.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Easter Island. Easter Island has always been famous and lies in the center of Europe. True or false?

Galapagos Islands.
Is Easter Island most famous as a holiday and tourist destinaation?

Hawaii. Are the Moais resting on the ground or are they partially buried?

Tahiti. The Moais were created around the 2010s with modern tools, equipment and machinery. Is this right or wrong?

Samoa. In video, computers were used to analyze the chemical composition and age of the statues. Is this correct or incorrect?

Tonga. Do scientists and scholars know what the pictures mean? Did only one group of people live on the island

Fiji. Are there only statues on Eastern Island?

New Zealand. Did the video talk about a possible connection or relationship between Easter Island and Egypt?
Australia. I have visited Easter Island. Yes or no? Have you or your friends ever visited any islands? What islands have you visited?

Papua New Guinea. Have you heard or Easter Island? Have you seen documentaries about Easter Island?

Polynesia. How do you think the stone head statues of Easter Island were made and moved?

Australia. Would you like to visit Easter Island? What islands would you like to visit?

Solomon Islands. What might happen in the future?

Vanuatu. Would you like to be a scientist or writer of megaliths and other mysteries?

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