eagle huntress 2

The Eagle Huntress, 2



brave wind (2) kingdom (2)
Earth ancestor strong (2)
ancient free (2) generation
land hunt (2) ride/rode/ridden
touch shadow spring (2)
secret harness power (2)
feather pass on know/knew/known
valley roar (2) teach/taught/taught
culture melt (2) fly/flew/flown
huntress feel/felt/felt






This is the land of mountains and roaring wind. The hills turn white in the winter, and the valleys melt in the spring. It is the most beautiful place on Earth.

It is also the home of my people. An ancient culture of hunters and riders, going back hundreds of generations.

This is the kingdom of the eagles; only their shadows touch the Earth. My ancestors learned their secrets and harnessed their power for hunting. This is the knowledge my father passes on to me, like his father before him. Life is beautiful here. My parents teach me their way of life.

My eagle’s name is White Feather. She is the strongest and bravest eagle I know. When she flies, I feel free.

I am Kazakh, and was born of this land. I am a part of these mountatins and they are a part of me.

My name is Alshoipan. And I am an Eagle Huntress.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *




First Question. Alshoipan’s land is covered in forests and grass. True or false?

Second Question.
Is it hot (year-round) in Mongolia?

Are their favorite pets canaries and parrots?

Fourth. The inhabitants mostly travel by bicycle. Is this right or wrong?

Fifth. Is eagle hunting a new hobby or ancient tradition?

Sixth. Did Alshoipan learn to raise eagles from school?

Seventh. She has a strong bond with her eagle. Is this correct or incorrect?


Eighth. Do you sometimes see hawks, eagles, owls or falcons flying in the sky?

Ninth. Is there a tradition of falconry or hawking in your country?

Tenth. What are some traditions in your culture?

Eleventh. Girls can and should do the same things boys do. What do you think?

Twelfth. What will happen in the future?

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