drop out fill in get across

6. Drop by, Draw out

Eat out, Figure out



drop by do over fall though
drag on drop off figure out
fill out draw out drop out (2)
eat out draw up face up (to)
end up feel up to fill me in on
fill in get across get along with
fill up find out get around (2)
drop in






Do over, Drag on, Draw up, Drop off, Drop in

43. Do over: do something again.
You should do something right the first time. Do you agree? Why should you do something correctly the first time?

44. Drag on: to last too long without any benefit
The Afghan War has dragged on for over ten years. Why has it dragged on? How do ordinary citizens feel?

45. Draw up: to create a formal document.
Have you drawn up contracts or documents in your company? Who draws up contracts or documents in your organization?

46. Drop in (on): to visit unexpectedly, casual visit.
I frequently drop in at my friends’ homes, and they drop in my home. Yes or no? Did people drop in their friends and neighbors homes in the past?

47. Drop off: to deliver something; to leave someone (by car).
Do you drop things off during your lunch break? I drop my children off at school. My parents drop me off at school. Yes or no?



Drop by, drop out (of), draw out (2), eat out

48. Drop by: to visit casually, unannounced; brief visit.
Nobody drops by these days. In the past friends normally dropped by. True or false? Does it depend on the culture?

49. Drop out (of): quit school or an activity.
The student dropped out of high school. What percent of students drop out of high school? What happens to high school drop outs?

50. Draw out: to extend a speech, meeting to fill in time.
The speaker drew out his talk. Why did he draw out his speech? Have you been to meetings or lectures that were drawn out?

51. Draw out: to lure or entice something or someone out of hiding.
How do teachers draw out shy students? How do marketers draw out customers?

52. Eat out: have a meal in a restaurant.
If you had lots of money would you eat out, cook at home, or do both? If I had lots of money,

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