down to the wire

Down to the Wire



dry run drastic times call for drastic measures
drink like a fish drive someone up the wall
drop like flies down to the wire
excuse my French everything but the kitchen sink
fat farm finger lickin’ good
field day finding your feet
feeding frenzy fixed in your ways
flea market foaming at the mouth
fool’s gold from rags to riches
funny farm from the frying pan into the fire


Down to the wire

1. Down to the wire: a sports competition or other event whose final outcome is determined in the final minute or seconds.
The soccer match is down to the wire. How do the fans react? Have you had tasks or projects that were down to the wire?

2. Drastic times call for drastic measures:
What do managers say during a slow business cycle? Give examples of drastic measures in government and business.

3. Drink like a fish:
Jason drinks like a fish. I know many individuals who drink like a fish. True or false? If yes, are they engineers or artists?

4. Drive someone up the wall: To to make someone crazy; to irritate or annoy very much.

5. To Drop like flies: many people, plants or animals dying or becoming ill.
It must be the flu season…. Is there a cold season? What happens?

6. Dry run: a rehearsal; a test or trial run.
Is it important to put a new car, ship, or airplane through a dry run? Is it important to dry run a new car, ship, or airplane?

Everything but the kitchen sink

7. Everything but the kitchen sink: Everything and anything has been tried or included.
Wow! Your smart phone has got everything but the kitchen sink! What does she or he mean? Give examples. My language school has everything but the kitchen sink. Yes or no?

8. Excuse my French: Forgive me for swearing (saying bad words).
*&%#@! Excuse my French. Do people in your country swear a lot? Do you swear less, more than, or the same amount as Americans? Do women swear? People today swear more than 10, 20, 30, 50 years ago. True or false? Who swears more, teenagers, adults or old people?

9. Fat farm: health resort for overweight and out-of-shape people.
Do fat farms make lots of money? Are fat farms very profitable?

10. Feeding frenzy (1):
Look! There’s a feeding frenzy over there! Should you go swimming in streams in the Amazon Rainforest? What happens if you throw bread crumbs in the city square?

11. Feeding frenzy (2): hordes of customers buying a new, hot item.
Every business’s dream is to have a feeding frenzy. Is this correct or wrong? Give examples of feeding or buying frenzies.

Field day

12. Field day: a super successful day, endeavor or outcome.
The fishermen had a field day. What happened? Has your company experienced a field day?

13. Finding your feet: to get used to something.
How long did it take you to find your feed in your job (new city, training)? It took me……… find my feet. Describe new learning experiences.

14. Finger lickin’ good: delicious; (licking your fingers when eating friend chicken).
What finger foods in your city are finger lickin’ good? ………is finger lickin’ good.

15. Fixed in your ways: never changing habits, methods, thinking.
It’s not good to be fixed in your ways. Do you agree? Older people are usually fixed in their ways, while young people are flexible and adaptive. True or false? Give examples.

16. Flea Market: A swap meet, street market. A place where people buy and sell antiques, used and inexpensive goods.
Are there flea markets in your city? Are they permanent or weekly? What do they sell? Do tourists visit flea markets?

Foaming at the mouth

17. Foaming at the mouth: to be very angry.
I have seen my teacher, boss, or customers foam at the mouth. Is this correct or wrong? Why were they foaming at the mouth?

18. Fools’ gold: pyrites, a rock that resembles real gold.
She/He has been chasing after fool’s gold. What might this mean?

19. From Rags To Riches:
There are many people who have gone from rags to riches. I know many people who have gone from rags to riches. Yes or no?

20. Jump from the frying pan into the fire:
Some of my classmates, friends, or colleagues have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Is this correct or wrong? Give examples.

21. Funny Farm (offensive): a mental institution, hospital.
Who ends up in funny farms more often, children, adults, middle-aged, or old people? Why do some people end up in funny farms?

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