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My Mother is a Consul


School Subjects

Of all students at the George Byron High School, Agata speaks the best English. Not only that, but she loves class discussions and voicing her opinions on any topic, from cartoons to science and philosophy.

Her favourite school subjects though, are English, French, geography and history.


Besides her school lessons, Agata is keen on music: she can play the violin and piano, both of which she learned as a child.

One of a handful of foreign students at the school, she comes from Poland. She has also been blind since birth.

Consul’s Daughter

Agata’s mother serves as the Polish consul of Varna, a city along the Black Sea of Bulgaria. “About 350 Poles live in Varna,” says Agata. “They represent both business people and expatriates, mostly Polish women married to local men whom they met while on holiday.”

When she first moved here in 2001, Agata had difficulty understanding the residents due to the language barrier.

She picked up Bulgarian rapidly, however, enabling her to make new friends.

Travelling and Exploring

At the same time, Agata learned a lot about her host country. She, her mother and sister have travelled extensively throughout the Balkans.

They have been to the mountains in the interior, along the Black Sea coast, and to most of the main cities in the region.

Get Togethers

As part of diplomatic protocol, the foreign officials hold numerous parties and dinners at each others’ consulates.

This affords Agata the chance to meet people from different countries. “We know several consul families very well and have become good friends,” she says.


Agata says she would like to become a diplomat like her mother because of her interests in politics and diplomacy. “I’m very familiar with my mother’s line of work; also I’d like to continue meeting people from other countries.”

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1. Agata is an average student. True or false?
2. What is she keen on or interested in?
3. Would tourists want to visit this region?
4. What does Agata want to be when she “grows up”? Why?
5. Do you think she will become a polyglot?


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