A Lego Technician

in Denmark



role (2) leisure time do for a living
leisure production I would like to
culture get to know know/knew/known
play (3) major (2) globalization
thing (2) mean (3) spend/spent/spent (2)
worry spend time department
so much branch (3) ride/rode/ridden
visit vacation see/saw/seen
country (2) hear/heard/heard






My name is Yrsa Krogh. I’m 51 years old and I live in Billund.

What do you do for a living?

I work in Lego’s production department.

What does globalization mean to you?

Globalization is a good thing. It means people can visit different countries and get to know different people and their cultures.

I think Lego plays a major role because we have branches in different countries too.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I like going fishing. And I like to dance and go on bike rides.

What worries you?

I get worried when I hear so much about terrorism and about people who do bad things to children.

Which country would you like to visit?

I’d like to have a vacation in Greece. I’ve never been there; I’d like to see it.

What makes you happy?

I’m always happy to see my grandchild.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Who is this person? What’s her name? How old is she? Where is she from?

2. Yrsa is a teacher and works in an elementary school with children. True or false?

3. Does she like or dislike globalization or has mixed feelings about it?

4. Is there only one Lego factory, in Denmark?

5. Yrsa’s hobbies are swimming, playing cards and playing the piano. Is this right or wrong?

6. Is she worried about losing her job and money?

7. Yrsa wants to visit New York, Paris and London. Is this correct or incorrect?

8. Luxury cars, restaurants and fashionable clothes make her happy. Yes or no?


A. I was born in Denmark. I live in Denmark. I have visited Denmark. True or false?

B. Do you play with Lego’s? Do you have a Lego set?

C. Is there a miniature village or town in your city?

D. Would you like to visit other countries? Which countries would you like to visit?

E. What makes you happy?

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