demolition derby car race

The Demolition Derby Race




rev up head for announcer
entry by the way go/went/gone
track literally increasingly
avoid figure-8 spread out
enjoy Trans Am make/made/made
wow each other hit/hit/hit
fun block (3) see/saw/seen
funny teammate stand/stood/stood
flip hurry up challenging
seat right out strap down
flip out button (2) once again
half get back independent
appear race (2) chicken out
awake collision supposed to
pursuit wipe out tremendous
pursuit knock out get/got/got-gotten
stupid mention foot/feet (2)
Nascar mean (2) make a fool out of me
wonder regulation think/thought/thought
slide push (2) know/knew/known
fool (2) sit/sat/sat sitting duck
touch race (2) good/better/best
barrier had better take off (3)
left (3) flip over back down
ready Cadillac here we go
pileup incredible Lincoln Continental
cross finish line win/won/won
derby scratch (2) demolition
miracle absolute go/went/gone
duck (2) mean (2) sell/sold/sold






Announcer: Cars head for the starting grid, revving up, waiting to go. By the way, we’ve got a new entry: Michael Knight, in a new Trans Am.

And the race is on.

The track is a figure-8. The cars spread out, making it increasingly difficult to avoid hitting each other. We know you’re going to enjoy it.

Buddy, Boy: “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like it!”
Michael Knight: “Buddy, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be with your mother!”
Buddy, Boy: “This is much more fun!

Aw, why’d you chicken out?”

Michael Knight: “Because you’re standing there, ready to be flipped out of the car. Now get back in that seat right now, and strap yourself down! Hurry up!”

Announcer: “Now once again, ladies and gentlemen Young Independent is challenging on the outside against the car awake again half as much. Let’s see if he backs down again.

A tremendous race. Now it appears the teammates are working on the Young Independent. They’ve blocked him.”

Michael Knight: “Okay kid, you knock out about four feet; I’m gonna put you on a pursuit.”
Announcer: “What? Look at this: Michael Knight! Ladies and gentlemen . . .

A tremendous collision!”

Buddy, Boy: “Yeah, you not only wiped them out; you got the truck too!”
Businessman: “These guys aren’t supposed to hit my trucks. Where did you get these new drivers, Tanya?”

Michael Knight: “Thanks; I needed that.”
Kitt, the Car: “You’re welcome. It’s so good to be communicating again.”
Buddy, Boy: “Golly! This car even talks!”
Michael Knight: “Oh that was that was just the radio, Buddy.”
Buddy, Boy: “No was it wasn’t. I may just be little kid, but I’m not stupid. The car talk to you.”
Michael Knight: “It might be better if we don’t mention this to a whole lot of people, like Andy, if you know what I mean.”
Buddy, Boy: “I think I know what you mean.”

Race Car Driver, 1: “Hey, How did he do that?”
Race Car Driver, 2: “Nobody makes a fool out of me!”

Buddy, Boy: “He can’t do that! It’s against Nascar regulations.”
Michael Knight: “I don’t think it’s a regulation race, Buddy!”
Buddy, Boy: “I wonder what this one is . . .”
Michael Knight: “Don’t start pushing things. I don’t even know what they do.”

Announcer: “Wow! There’s a slide out right now!”
Buddy, Boy: “Wow! Alright!”
Announcer: “Better get that car out now; it’s a sitting duck.”

Michael Knight: “Don’t touch anything!”

Announcer: “Oh oh. Smoking coming out of the Trans-Am . . . a car has crashed into a traffic barrier.”

Michael Knight: “Buddy, take your finger off that button.”

Announcer: “Only six cars left, and now Michael Knight has trouble getting around, and he just barely makes it. Two more cars flipped over the Cadillac. Oh, here comes the Lincoln into the pileup.

Now only two are left.

Michael Knight: “Alright Buddy, are you ready?”
Buddy, Boy: “Ready.”
Michael Knight: “Here we go!”

Businessman: “That car is incredible!”
Announcer: “The Trans-Am has gone airborne. And crosses the finish line.”

Buddy, Boy: “We won, we won, we won!”

Businessman: “I want to know all about that young man.”
Business Woman: “That makes two of us.”

Announcer: “The only car to come out of a demolition derby with out a scratch. That is an absolute miracle! Michael Knight, from out of nowhere. And I mean literally from nowhere!”

Michael Knight: “You saw what I’m selling. You wanna know more about me, go to the House for the Rising Sun, at eight o’clock.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Car, Automobile. This video was about a tour of a city. True or false? What was the video about?

Van, Truck. In the race, were there race cars or regular, ordinary cars?

City Bus, Intercity Bus. Michael Knight the driver was alone in his car. Is this right or wrong? Was he happy to have a passenger in his car? Was the passenger scared and terrified?

Subway, City Train, Metro. Were the other drivers “good” drivers or “bad” driver? Were the other drivers “fair” drivers or were they “unfair”.

Tram, Trolley, Trollybus. Did Michael Knight overtake the two cars in front of him?

Train, Railway, Rail-line. Was Buddy the boy surprised? Why was Buddy surprised? What did Michael Knight say? How did Michael Knight answer?

Airplane, Private Plane. Was Buddy a good boy, a bad boy, both good and bad, or neither?

Hot Air Balloon. What happened in the end?
Passenger Airplane, Commercial Plane. Is there car racing in your city, region or country? Is car racing popular?

Rowboat, Canoe, Kayak. My friends, colleagues and classmates love cars. They want to be race car drivers. Do people love cars and driving fast?

Motorboat, Yacht. What might happen in the future?

Ship, Cruise Liner. On streets and roads, should people drive fast, slow, or medium speed?

Rocket, Spaceship, Spacecraft. Are there too many cars on the road? Is there too much traffic? Should more people walk, bicycle and use buses and trains more often? Or should more people drive more cars, more often?

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